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Thanks to the foresight and generosity of generations of donors, Hamilton Community Foundation is able to invest in the future of our community through grantmaking. The Foundation makes grants to a wide range of local charitable organizations that, in turn, help strengthen our community.

Grants by recipient organization

This list shows the details of all grants to all organizations in 2016-17. Grants marked with an asterisk are those made from the Board-directed Community Fund or field-of-interest funds. All other grants are from donor-advised or designated funds and reflect the philanthropic interests of those who established the funds

In addition to the grants below, the Foundation provided grants totaling:

  • $73,178 to 23 organizations supporting 662 children to attend one week of camp through the Hamilton Spectator Summer Camp Fund
  • $322,761 to 27 academic institutions and organizations for scholarships and bursaries supporting access to post-secondary education

Grants by recipient organization 
1inFour/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
What we Wish $1,000
Adult Basic Education Association
Educational Planning Services $9,000
Adult Community Support Program/Crossfire Assembly
Fit 4 U* $6,950
Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton
Arts program* $7,320
Ancaster Society for the Performing Arts Corporation
Sinfonia Ancaster operational season $4,000
Supporting grant $53,000
Art Forms/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Supporting grant $4,500
Pay it Forward* $5,000
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Supporting grant $11,000
The Arthritis Society
Supporting grant $2,361
Artscape Foundation
Supporting grant $50,000
Supporting grant $50,000
Autism Society of Ontario, Hamilton Chapter
Supporting grant$333
Bach Elgar Choir
Scholarships* $4,000
Supporting grant $3,000
Vimy Memorial Concert* $5,000
Bennetto Middle School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Supporting grant $1,992
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton & Burlington
Traditional Match Program $10,000
The Bill Seven Award Trust
Supporting grant $2,500
Bird Studies Canada (Long Point)
Supporting grant $1,503
Birthright Organization of Hamilton
Supporting grant $6,000
Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival
Scholarhsip award$300
The Bridge from Prison to Community (Hamilton)
Re-building Identities: A holistic approach to reintegration $12,000
Supporting grant $5,000
Bruce Trail Conservancy
BTC Hamilton Region Trail Operations Project $4,000
Supporting grant $1,334
Burlington Community Foundation
Supporting grant* $22,878
Burlington Humane Society
Supporting grant $2,000
Bursary of Hope for Autism
Supporting grant $10,000
Camp Oochigeas
Capital campaign $50,000
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
Supporting grant $1,691
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Supporting grant $2,361
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Supporting grant $35,000
Canadian Mental Health Association
Evening Social Recreation Rehabilitation Program* $10,500
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Supporting grant $20,000
SCORE 2 - Long term success development for blind/partially sighted children* $20,000
The Canadian Red Cross Society
Supporting grant$643
Tiffany Circle $10,000
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Outreach to schools $5,000
Cancer Assistance Program
Purchase of equipment $5,000
Supporting grant $5,500
Canine Vision (Dog Guides Canada)
Supporting grant$500
Carpenter Hospice
In memory of Jean Green$250
Supporting grant $10,000
Cathedral High School/Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
Student emergency needs $2,000
Catholic Family Services of Hamilton
Pilot Project - Caring Dads: Helping fathers value their children $17,800
St. Martin`s Manor $1,000
Central Presbyterian Church
Supporting grant $11,692
Centre3 for Print and Media Arts
[nu]links* $10,000
Barton Beautification* $5,000
Sustainability and succession plan* $6,000
Chamber Music Hamilton
Supporting grant $13,000
Children's Aid Society of Hamilton
Camperships $5,000
Christmas hamper program $10,000
Supporting grant $1,000
Christian Horizons Canada
Supporting grant $2,361
Christ's Church Cathedral
Supporting grant $2,000
City Housing Hamilton
Art Adventures* $4,500
Healing Arts and Recovery Program$500
Learning and Leading Through Arts* $9,300
City Kidz Ministry
Gift of Christmas 2016 $2,000
Supporting grant $21,000
City of Hamilton
McQuesten Urban Farm $113,875
SoBi Hamilton $25,000
Coady International Institute-St. Francis Xavier University
Supporting grant $25,000
Cobalt Connects/Fixt Point Arts and Media
Tale of Town* $10,000
The Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children
Namwaamba School $85,000
Supporting grant $60,000
Community Care of West Niagara
Supporting grant $5,000
Community Church
Migrant Matters $1,000
Community Development Halton
Supporting grant $40,000
Community Food Centres Canada
Supporting grant $100,000
Community Foundation Grey Bruce
Supporting grant* $12,268
Community Foundations of Canada
Supporting grant* $33,194
Community Living Hamilton
Supporting grant$323
CORE Kids/Rotary Club of Hamilton Sunshine Fund
WAVE $9,782
Boys basketball, Wever Wave $7,000
Computer lab support* $3,150
Community Christmas $2,650
Core Kids Development Coordinator* $52,500
Supporting grant $3,478
Syrian refugee event $3,000
WAVE* $5,000
Corporation of the County of Bruce
Sauble Beach children's library $2,500
Covenant House Toronto
Just like a girl you know campaign $25,000
Culture for Kids in the Arts
After-school arts program 2017 $20,000
Artasia* $5,000
Resonance Choir* $30,000
Doctors Without Borders
Supporting grant $1,000
Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice Foundation
Camp Erin Hamilton 2017 $2,500
Supporting grant $37,218
Duet Club of Hamilton
Scholarship awards $1,000
Dundas Art and Craft Association
Carnegie Coffee House Nights* $4,350
Carnegie Public Lecture Series* $4,873
Dundas Historical Society Museum
Expansion project $2,000
Dundas Valley Orchestra
Supporting grant* $5,700
Dundas Valley School of Art
Aging Artfully Outreach Program* $10,000
Foster the Ability through Visual Arts $20,000
Operational strategic plan* $10,000
Dundas Youth Chaplaincy
Routes Youth Centre $37,500
Eagles Nest Association of Waterdown
Building-Boundaries-Balance (BBB) $1,000
HEART Project (Healing Emotional Abuse Through Art) $5,000
Elizabeth Fry Society
Compassion for the season $1,500
Elliott Heights Baptist Church
LARCH after school program* $61,260
Empowerment Squared
Academic mentoring and tutoring program $20,000
Engineers Without Borders (Canada)
Supporting grant $100,000
The Equality Effect
Supporting grant $75,000
Essential Aid and Family Services of Ontario Inc.
Infant Food Bank $6,000
Infant formula* $2,500
Supporting grant $2,000
Supporting grant $50,000
Factory Media Centre/Culture for Kids in the Arts
Factory Film Camp* $10,000
Fit Active Beautiful (FAB) Foundation
FAB girls 5K challenge program* $11,600
Riverdale expansion* $5,000
Supporting grant $3,107
Food4Kids Hamilton Halton Niagara
Supporting grant $2,000
Free the Children
Supporting grant $25,000
Gallery Alley/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Beautification - Phase 1* $5,000
Glendale Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Bear Pack Enhancement Program $4,800
Global Vision
Sponsor support for trade mission in China $2,000
Good Shepherd Centres Hamilton
Christmas dinner $3,000
Connecting learning to life* $37,600
Supporting grant $57,527
Women's Storytelling Workshop Series* $2,475
Greater Hamilton Symphony Association
Supporting grant$600
Green Venture/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Fresh Air for Kids $2,000
Halton Region Conservation Foundation
Cootes to Escarpment Ecopark System $150,000
Supporting grant* $4,029
Halton Women's Place
Supporting grant $2,683
Hamilton & District Extend-a-Family
Enhanced Recreation Program* $5,027
The Hamilton/Burlington Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Supporting grant $55,471
Hamilton All Star Jazz Band
Scholarship fund* $2,450
Supporting grant $2,000
Hamilton Artists Inc.
2017-2020 strategic planning initiatives* $7,500
External arts and outreach initiatives* $5,000
Hamilton Arts Council
LivingArts Hamilton* $5,000
Hamilton Association for Residential & Recreational Redevelopment Programs
St. Peter's HARRRP $10,000
Hamilton Basic Income Group/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Outreach Mental Health Week*$200
Hamilton Children's Choir
Financial award program* $5,000
Supporting grant $10,000
Tour to Bahama's $4,000
Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
Supporting grant $6,000
HRPR Operations* $50,000
Hamilton Conservation Foundation
Supporting grant* $14,915
ECO Fund $1,000
Providing Learning Opportunities to Disadvantaged Youth $5,000
Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children
Supporting grant$672
Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys' and Girls' Club
Enhancement's for girls programming* $35,000
On the move girls* $8,000
Ontario Early Years Centre $2,000
Hamilton East Kiwanis Non-Profit Homes Inc.
Rising Stars Co-op*$500
Hamilton Festival Theatre Company
ALERT Program $5,000
Frost Bites* $5,000
Hamilton Food Share
Food for low income seniors $2,500
Seniors Meal Program* $5,000
Supporting grant $56,000
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
McMaster Children's Hospital $4,000
Supporting grant $2,000
Tomorrow Stems From You campaign $250,000
Hamilton Literary Festival Association
gritLIT* $5,000
Hamilton Music Collective
AIFEC - Jambassadors band program* $10,000
An Instrument for Every Child* $3,600
Supporting grant $5,000
Hamilton Naturalists' Club
Enhancing Habitat at the Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary $5,000
Pollinators Paradise $2,000
Supporting grant* $15,915
Trees Please in McQuesten $2,870
Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Community Care Access Centre
Supporting grant* $1,759
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2000) Inc.
An Instrument for Every Child $3,000
Endowment fund with Ontario Arts Council $10,000
Family Concert Experience* $15,000
Music Education Program $2,000
Stravinsky Concert Sponsorship $10,000
Supporting grant $33,188
Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Beyond the stage $3,000
No Barriers* $12,000
Percussion After School Program $3,000
Supporting grant $8,915
Hamilton Right to Life
Supporting grant $5,000
Hamilton Social Medicine Response Team/Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
Hamilton Social Medicine Response Team* $30,000
Hamilton Sustainable Victory Gardens Inc.
Supporting grant* $6,000
Hamilton Theatre Inc.
Supporting grant* $3,000
Hamilton Youth Poets/Centre3 for Print and Media Arts
Mentorship program* $7,000
Hamilton Youth Poets/Lynwood Charlton Centre
Supporting grant * $9,600
National Team Tour* $5,000
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
L.E.A.D. Successful Transitions Project* $90,900
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Altitude Leadership Training at MAC $2,000
Bennetto School Bike Program $62,769
Dual Language Lending Library $6,500
NYA:WEH 2.0* $120,000
Supporting grant $2,333
Teacher Small Grants* $30,950
The Discovery Fund $2,000
Healthy Community/Healthy Youth Flamborough/The John Howard Society
Supporting grant $3,000
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Supporting grant $2,215
Hearts Together For Haiti
Supporting grant $5,000
Hillcrest Elementary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Hillcrest Community Collaboration $5,000
Historic Waterdown Arts & Events/Kin Canada Foundation
Summer Festival* $5,000
Hope for Wildlife Society
Supporting grant$610
The Hospital for Sick Children
Supporting grant $2,620
Industry Education Council of Hamilton
Coding boot camp for women* $10,000
Interval House of Hamilton
Supporting grant $7,000
John Laing Singers
Supporting grant $2,000
Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation
Redevelopment and expansion project $20,000
Supporting grant$500
Journalists for Human Rights
Supporting grant $50,000
Jump In Foundation
Jump In's Activation Program $5,000
Jump Math
Supporting grant $50,000
Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre Foundation/Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
Supporting grant $2,000
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Supporting grant$500
Kerry and Mandy Shapansky Foundation
Morcheeba Charity $2,500
Kids Now
Self Esteem and Leadership Mentorship Program for Middle-School Youth $5,000
The Learning Partnership
Supporting grant $25,000
Legal Holistic Pilot Project/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Supporting grant* $2,000
Let's Talk Science
Supporting grant $25,000
Liberty for Youth
Bright Choices $20,000
Living Rock Ministries
Food Service and Hospitality Program $25,000
Operation Christmas Blessing - 25 days of Christmas $2,550
Supporting grant $8,978
Loran Scholars Foundation
Scholarships $80,000
Lynwood Charlton Centre
Under the Willows $27,600
MacNab Street Presbyterian Church
Supporting grant $10,598
March of Dimes Canada Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Jason House $2,000
Marie-Jeunesse Sherbrooke
Supporting grant $1,000
MaRS Discovery District
Centre for impact investing $75,000
Solutions lab $50,000
Supporting grant $150,000
Mathstronauts/McMaster University - MILO
Mathstronauts After-school Program* $179,390
McGill University
Supporting grant $2,000
McMaster University
Brain Smart - Let's Play Safely!* $29,964
Dance for Parkinson's* $8,520
Exploring access to healthcare for adult newcomers in Hamilton with non-infectious chronic diseases* $22,000
Exploring integrated, school-based universal services to enhance inclusion and equity* $29,943
Family-focused cognitive behavioural therapy for pediatric obsessive compulsive disorder* $15,000
Goldies2Home 2.0* $18,412
Museum of Art $2,000
Ray Family Autism Research Fund $10,000
Transforming Hamilton Stories* $1,500
Young-McMaster Indigenous Research Institute Fund $225,000
Melrose United Church
Supporting grant $6,287
Metis Women's Circle
Jeremy's Story $9,690
Mission Services of Hamilton
Supporting grant $6,457
Mohawk College
Bursaries in construction trades $1,000
Coding Boot Camp $25,000
Mountain Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Inspiration to Building a Better Future $4,500
School community holiday dinner $1,500
The Muscular Dystrophy Association
Equipment Program - Hamilton & Burlington $25,000
Muskoka Conservancy
Supporting grant $1,000
National Association of Teachers of Singing, Ontario Chapter
Scholarship awards $2,000
National Youth Orchestra
Supporting grant $1,000
Native Women's Centre
Circle of Giving $2,200
Trauma sensitive yoga $2,500
Nature Conservancy of Canada
2016 summer interns $50,000
Neighbour to Neighbour Centre (Hamilton)
Child, Youth, and Peri-natal Community Food Programs $10,000
Neighbour to Neighbour Jack Parent Tutoring Program $20,000
NET Ministries of Canada
Supporting grant $1,000
New Market Funds Society
New commons development $75,000
New Vision United Church
Supporting grant $8,843
No. 9 Contemporary Art & the Environment
Imagining My Sustainable City* $30,000
Nora Frances Henderson/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Nutrition program $1,300
North Hamilton Community Health Centre
Pathways to Education Neighbourhood Expansion $30,000
Ontario Music Festivals Association
Scholarship award$600
Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association - Hamilton/Halton
Scholarship award $1,500
The Owl Foundation
Owl food $2,000
Pressure treated lumber$500
Peel Music Festival
Scholarhsip awards$300
Philpott Memorial Church
Supporting grant $9,445
Phoenix Place
A Phoenix Place Christmas $1,000
Lunch and learn $1,200
Players' Guild of Hamilton Inc.
Supporting grant* $3,000
Prince of Wales Public School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Caterpillar Program*$300
Rainbow's End Community Development Corporation
The Rainbow`s End Bistro Manager $25,000
Reach for the Rainbow
#ActiveAll Year Project* $5,000
Re-Create Outreach Art Studio/Shalem Mental Health Network
Art journaling class for at-risk youth* $2,650
The Rob Freeman Foundation
Supporting grant $2,500
Robert Land Community Association
Eva Rothwell Extended After-School Program* $7,000
Leaders in Training Program $16,836
Learning Pod system $5,000
Supporting grant $3,862
Rotary Burlington Music Festival
Scholarship awards $1,800
Rotary Club of Hamilton
The Telling Tales Festival $2,500
Rotary Club of Hamilton Sunshine Fund
Telling Tales: A Family Festival of Stories* $5,000
Royal Botanical Gardens
EcoPark System: Berry Tract South Naturalization* $11,200
Supporting grant $18,212
Royal Canadian Humane Association
Supporting grant* $3,757
Royal Conservatory of Music
Learning through the Arts* $96,000
Rygiel Support for Community Living
Supporting grant $2,361
Salal Foundation
Canopy Project $50,000
The Salvation Army Hamilton
Ellen Osler Home Art Project* $4,994
Ellen Osler Home Reintegration Project* $5,622
Ellen Osler Home: Exterior Painting* $15,000
Financial Management Trusteeship Program $5,000
New Choices Centre* $2,400
Supporting grant $20,643
Ellen Osler Home $1,000
STRIVE for Health Nutrition and Education Project* $18,000
Scleroderma Society of Ontario
Supporting grant $5,000
Shakespearience Performing Arts
Supporting grant $3,588
The Shakespearience in Class Experience $3,000
The Shakespearience School Experience $2,000
Shalem Mental Health Network
Growing Up Queer in the Hammer* $5,000
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Supporting grant $1,181
Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Student emergency needs $2,000
Social Innovation Charitable Foundation
Supporting grant $100,000
Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Community Development* $150,000
Community Development Support* $157,500
Honouring our Voices: A women's writing circle*$500
Soups and Soaps*$500
Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (Canada)
Supporting grant $27,000
St. Jerome's University
Supporting grant $4,000
St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation
Supporting grant $31,000
THIS WAY UP: $5,000
St. Joseph's Villa Foundation
Enhanced Care Program* $15,000
Expansion project $5,000
Supporting grant $28,000
St. Matthew's House
Child development through play $1,850
General operations $6,229
House Warming Food Package for Seniors $6,000
St. Matthew's House Christmas Program $2,000
Supporting grant $12,000
St. Patrick's Parish
Supporting grant $42,000
St. Raphael's Parish Church
Accessibility project $5,000
Supporting grant $1,000
Running and reading club and literacy program $30,941
Start2Finish Junior Coaches Program* $40,000
The Stop Community Food Centre
Supporting grant $75,000
Student Open Circles
Community Volunteer Action $15,220
Tastebuds/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Supporting grant* $3,056
Telling Tales/Rotary Club of Hamilton
Telling Tales Expanding Outreach $5,000
Theatre Aquarius
Bursaries for summer theatre school* $8,000
Supporting grant $6,000
Youth Accessibility Outreach Program* $10,000
Threshold School of Building
City of Hamilton Home Improvement Program $36,160
Job developer $20,000
Supporting grant $11,884
Supporting grant $20,000
The Tyndale Foundation
Supporting grant $2,361
United Way Halton & Hamilton
Supporting grant $14,191
University of Guelph
Bursaries $3,000
University of St. Michael's College
Supporting grant $5,000
University of Toronto
President's Club $1,000
Urquhart Butterfly Garden/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Summer Educational Programme 2017* $2,800
Village Theatre (Waterdown) Inc.
Supporting grant* $3,000
We ROCK (Raise Our Children's Kids)/Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys' and Girls' Club
Supporting grant $5,000
Welcome Inn Community Centre of Hamilton
Community Christmas $1,750
North End Method - tweens art collaborative project $3,000
The Power of Good Food $10,000
Wellwood Resource Centre of Hamilton
Children living with serious illness in the family $20,000
March break/EMpower up: Support for children with serious illness in the family* $5,789
Supporting grant* $8,742
Updating the Wellwood library $2,000
Wesley Urban Ministries
Supporting grant $14,067
Westdale Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Cultural Exchange*$900
The Willow Foundation
Art therapy $1,458
Women's Art Association of Canada
Scholarship awards $2,000
Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
School break arts programming for kids* $10,000
School visits program $1,500
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford
Camp Wanakita bursary for counsellors $1,000
Peace Medal Breakfast $4,000
Wanakita Project $4,000
YMCA Senior Beyond the Bell $20,000
Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada
YPI programs* $7,500
YWCA Hamilton
Transitional Living $20,000
Food for transitional living shelter residents $2,500
Good Beginnings* $5,500
Kitchen renovations* $2,500
Phoenix Place $2,600
Supporting grant $2,600
YWCA STEM Girls* $110,000

*Denotes Community Fund or field-of-interest fund grant.
Organizations identified in italics are charitable sponsors for the grant.
Some grants are payable over multiple years