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Thanks to the foresight and generosity of generations of donors, Hamilton Community Foundation is able to invest in the future of our community through grantmaking. The Foundation makes grants to a wide range of local charitable organizations that, in turn, help strengthen our community.

Grants by recipient organization

This list shows the details of all grants to all organizations in 2017-18.  Grants marked with an asterisk are those made from the Board-directed Community Fund or field-of-interest funds.  All other grants are from donor-advised or designated funds and reflect the philanthropic interests of those who established the funds.

In addition to the grants below, the Foundation provided grants totalling:

  • $65,475 to 21 organizations supporting 631 children to attend one week of camp through the Hamilton Spectator Summer Camp Fund
  • $333,588 to 33 academic institutions and organizations for scholarships and bursaries supporting access to post-secondary education

Grants by recipient organization 
ACORN Institute Canada
Civic Connections $9,500
Adult Basic Education Association
Educational planning services $9,000
The AIDS Network
Supporting grant$511
ALS Society of Canada
Supporting grant $10,000
Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton
Creative Expressions* $7,320
Music for Memory at Regina Gardens* $14,050
Amici Camping Charity
Camperships $2,500
Ancaster Agricultural Society
Kite Festival* $4,275
Ancaster Society for the Performing Arts Corporation
Sinfonia Ancaster $3,000
Art Forms/SPRC
Youth celebrate Canada's 150 through mural making* $5,000
Art Gallery of Burlington
Barenaked in the Barn - Rainbow of Identities exhibit $10,000
Art Gallery of Hamilton
AGH film education program* $5,000
Community Day* $4,000
Student film competition* $4,000
Support of youth outreach $5,000
Supporting grant $10,500
Art Gallery of Ontario
Supporting grant $2,000
Art Spin Hamilton/Hamilton Artists Inc.
Supporting grant* $4,000
The Arthritis Society
Supporting grant $2,464
Artscape Foundation
Supporting grant $50,000
Supporting grant $50,000
Autism Society of Ontario, Hamilton Chapter
Supporting grant$500
Bach Elgar Choir
Hamilton Sings* $3,000
Supporting grant $3,000
Banyan Community Services Foundation
Arrell Youth Centre Productions $20,000
D-Bronx $5,000
Bay Area Restoration Council
Bennetto Middle School/HWDSB Foundation
Supporting grant $2,231
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hamilton & Burlington
In-school mentoring $10,000
Bill Seven Award Trust
Scholarships for LGBTQ youth $2,500
Bird Studies Canada
Supporting grant $1,748
Birthright Organization of Hamilton
Supporting grant $6,000
Brant Food for Thought
Supporting grant $5,000
The Bridge from Prison to Community (Hamilton)
Supporting grant $5,000
Brott Music Festival
Brott Education Concert Series* $10,000
Supporting grant $2,800
Bruce Trail Conservancy
Fisher's Pond Nature Reserve $200,000
Supporting grant $1,500
Burlington Civic Chorale
Supporting grant $10,000
Burlington Community Foundation
Share to Care campaign $5,000
Supporting grant $23,893
Bursary of Hope for Autism
Supporting grant $20,000
Camp Trillium
Supporting grant $11,000
Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing
Peter Hogarth Fund $10,000
Supporting grant $5,000
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
Supporting grant $1,765
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Supporting grant $2,464
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Supporting grant $35,000
Canadian Mental Health Association
Evening Social Recreation Rehabilitation Program $5,000
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Peer support for low vision seniors $2,000
Canadian Orpheus Male Choir
Canada’s 150 anniversary concert* $4,000
The Canadian Red Cross Society
Supporting grant$671
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Birchall Leadership Award Dinner $20,000
Community Day* $2,200
Ruhr Express restoration* $5,000
Youth outreach – educational programs $5,000
Cancer Assistance Program City of Hamilton & District
Supporting grant $5,000
Canine Vision (Dog Guides Canada)
Supporting grant$750
Carpenter Hospice
In memory of Diane Jess$250
In memory of Jean Green$250
Supporting grant $5,000
Cathedral High School/HWCDSB
Student emergency needs $2,000
Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton
Youth Housing Support Project $14,000
Catholic Family Services of Hamilton
St. Martin's Manor* $3,000
St. Martin’s Manor $1,000
Catholic Youth Organization
Supporting grant $1,939
Central Presbyterian Church
Supporting grant $12,176
Centre3 for Print and Media Arts
My City, My Home* $9,200
Phase III of succession plan* $6,000
Proof Positive* $5,000
Chamber Music Hamilton
Supporting grant $13,000
Children's Aid Society of Hamilton
Christmas hamper program $10,000
Crown Ward bursaries $5,000
Supporting grant $6,000
Children's International Learning Centre
Celebrate 150* $2,000
Chinese Cultural Association of Hamilton/HARRRP
Cultural heritage of Chinese residents* $2,000
Christian Horizons Canada
Supporting grant $2,463
Christ's Church Cathedral
Supporting grant $2,000
City Housing Hamilton
Sherwood Place Christmas dinner$170
City Kidz Ministry
CityYouth leadership development $5,000
Gift of Christmas $2,000
Supporting grant $20,500
City of Hamilton
Community Day* $8,000
McQuesten Urban Farm $189,675
Nurse Family Partnership $72,000
Queen's Baton Relay* $5,000
SoBi Everybody Rides* $24,245
Coady International Institute-St. Francis Xavier University
Supporting grant $25,000
The Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children
Supporting grant $75,000
Community Care of West Niagara
Supporting grant $5,000
Community Development Halton
Supporting grant $40,000
Community Food Centres Canada
Supporting grant $50,000
Community Foundation Grey Bruce
Supporting grant $12,804
Community Foundations of Canada
Attendance support for national conference* $2,500
Supporting grant $43,384
Community Living Hamilton
Drum Corps uniforms* $1,450
Supporting grant$335
Community Resource and Employment Service
Brantford food bank $5,000
Corporation of the County of Bruce
Sauble Beach Children's Library $2,500
Culture for Kids in the Arts
After-school arts program $30,000
I Have a Right: 150 Pen Pal Xchanges* $5,000
Resonance choir* $20,000
The Dave Andreychuk Foundation
Mount Hamilton Minor Hockey Association $1,939
Delta United Church
Supporting grant $14,000
Diabetes Canada
Food skills for families/seniors* $5,000
Doctors Without Borders
Supporting grant $1,000
Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton
Nurture the Ability – arts workshop* $3,000
Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice Foundation
Camp Erin Hamilton $14,000
Children's Hospice $45,000
Supporting grant $39,842
Duet Club of Hamilton
Vocal Scholarship $2,500
Dundas Art and Craft Association
Carnegie Public Lecture Series* $3,000
Dundas Historical Society Museum
Double Exposure - The Valley Revisited* $4,700
Expansion project $2,000
Dundas Turtle Watch/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Data management $2,000
Dundas Valley Orchestra
Dundas Celebrates Canada 150* $5,000
The DVO at 40!* $5,000
Dundas Valley School of Art
Aging Artfully outreach program* $10,000
Family ART days* $7,450
Holiday gift workshops $2,000
The Artists' Connection: Artist as environmentalist $15,000
The Artists’ Connection: Program extension $7,000
Dundas Youth Chaplaincy
Routes Youth Centre $23,700
Elizabeth Fry Society
Seasonal outreach $2,315
Elliott Heights Baptist Church
LARCH after-school program $34,500
Empowerment Squared
Family Empowerment $10,000
Playing, Learning and Access for Youth* $6,200
Supporting grant$750
Youth soccer league* $1,490
Engineers Without Borders (Canada)
Supporting grant $75,000
Environment Hamilton/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Friendly Streets Hamilton* $13,010
The Equality Effect
Supporting grant $75,000
Essential Aid and Family Services of Ontario Inc.
Infant formula $6,000
Supporting grant $5,000
Supporting grant $75,000
Famille Marie-Jeunesse Sherbrooke
Supporting grant $1,000
Federation of Canadian Music Festivals
Scholarship awards $1,000
Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum/City of Hamilton
Exhibition: 150 years through the eyes of the Farmer family* $2,000
Fit Active Beautiful Foundation
FAB Girls 5K Challenge $7,500
Food4Kids Hamilton Halton Niagara
New Beginnings* $5,000
GALA Community Planning Team/SPRC
Oral History Project* $5,000
Global Peace Center Canada
Youth4Peace Leadership in Dundas* $10,000
Good Shepherd Centres Hamilton
Back-to-school items for the family shelter* $1,000
Core Collaborative Learning - National Homelessness Film Festival* $17,700
Learning to Life* $40,000
Regina's Place* $21,000
Storytelling: A workshop series for women* $4,300
Supporting grant $70,709
Green Venture/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Edible Garden Club $10,000
Pedal Powered Smoothies* $5,000
Habitat for Humanity Hamilton
Youth Build $10,000
Halton District School Board
Aldershot High School Performing Arts Centre $40,000
Halton Region Conservation Foundation
Supporting grant $4,207
Halton Women's Place
Supporting grant $2,911
Hamilton & District Extend-a-Family
Client holiday party $2,000
Hamilton Air Force Association/Rotary Club of Dundas
Aircraft monument renewal* $2,000
Hamilton All Star Jazz Band
Supporting grant $2,000
Hamilton Artists Inc.
External arts and outreach initiatives* $3,000
Hamilton Arts Council
LivingArts Hamilton* $5,000
We are 150: Celebrating Hamilton's artists* $5,000
Hamilton Association for Residential & Recreational Redevelopment Programs (HARRRP)
Canada 150 - Paradise Project* $5,000
St. Peter's HARRRP $10,000
Winterfest Shindig - Sherman Neighbourhood*$330
The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA
Cat Coalition* $4,500
Sit! Stay! Read! $7,900
Supporting grant $83,797
Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
#HamiltonForAll: A public education campaign* $5,000
DiverseCity onBoard* $40,000
Hamilton Children's Choir
Financial award program and young voices workshops* $5,000
Supporting grant $5,000
Hamilton Community Land Trust/SPRC
Supporting grant $3,480
Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
I am Committed* $5,000
Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction* $50,000
Supporting grant $4,600
Hamilton Conservation Authority
Community Day* $8,000
Supporting grant $11,259
Hamilton Conservation Foundation
Eco Valley Project $1,000
Outdoor environmental education* $10,000
Outdoor environmental education in Dundas Valley Conservation Area $2,500
Outdoor environmental education opportunities for disadvantaged youth $10,000
Supporting grant $4,207
Hamilton Council on Aging
Senior Women4Change Learning Series* $8,000
Supporting grant in honour of Dr. Margaret Denton*$100
Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children
Supporting grant$699
Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys' and Girls' Club
GirlsZONE* $29,280
Ontario Early Years Centre $2,000
We ROCK*$500
We ROCK $5,000
Hamilton East Kiwanis Non-Profit Homes Inc.
Hoppy Easter - Gala Neighbourhood* $1,500
Hamilton East Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Hamilton's Cultural Day* $4,000
Hamilton Festival Theatre Company
Artistic Leadership and Entrepreneurial Training $5,000
Frost Bites: A site-specific performance festival* $3,000
Hamilton Food Share
Bulk buy food purchase* $15,000
Food for low-income seniors $2,500
Seniors program* $5,000
Support for seniors and supporting grant $5,000
Supporting grant $63,000
Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) Foundation
Breast cancer program $1,000
Hybrid Operating Room $16,474
Supporting grant $12,000
Tomorrow Stems from You campaign $150,000
Hamilton Literary Festival Association
gritLIT capacity building* $4,520
gritLIT Hamilton's Readers and Writers Festival* $4,000
Hamilton Music Collective
An Instrument for Every Child’s Jambassador band program* $10,000
An Instrument for Every Child $34,939
LIVE Lab Grade 1 trips $4,000
Hamilton Naturalists' Club
Celebrating Hamilton's Pollinator Corridor Through Art* $3,500
deLight Festival - Crown Point Neighbourhood* $1,500
Development of Grimsby wetlands $7,500
More Trees Please* $5,000
Pollinator Paradise $3,000
Supporting grant $16,466
Hamilton Out of the Cold Program Coalition Inc.
Supporting grant $2,449
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2000) Inc.
Adopt-a-school and discovery workshop programs $2,000
Concert sponsorship $10,000
Dundas senior and student programming* $9,600
Endowment fund with Ontario Arts Council $10,000
Outreach program $5,000
Programs for families and seniors $10,000
Supporting grant $38,920
Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Supporting grant $6,014
Hamilton Public Library
Canada 150 stories* $5,000
Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
Endaayaang - Knowledge Keeper* $30,000
Hamilton Right to Life
Supporting grant $5,000
Hamilton Sustainable Victory Gardens Inc.
Supporting grant $2,000
Hamilton Theatre Inc.
Supporting grant $5,000
Hamilton Youth Poets/Lynwood Charlton Centre
Access to the arts for children and youth* $4,000
All-Star Engagement* $5,000
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB)
Equal Opportunities Fund$969
Small grants program for teachers* $13,750
Supporting grant $1,959
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) Foundation
Forest of Reading* $25,000
Rainbow Prom* $2,000
Save the Bees $9,400
Small grants program for teachers* $25,619
Healing Arts and Recovery with Peer Support/City Housing Hamilton
Arts presentation* $6,400
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Supporting grant $2,711
Hearts Together For Haiti
Supporting grant $5,000
Historic Waterdown Arts & Events/Kin Canada Foundation
ArtsFest Waterdown* $5,000
Holly Street Advocacy Centre for the Elderly
Supporting grant $1,158
Hope for Wildlife Society
Supporting grant$500
The Hospital for Sick Children
Supporting grant $2,735
Imagine in the Park Children's Arts Festival/Rotary Club of Hamilton
Supporting grant* $5,000
Immigrant Access Fund
Supporting grant $50,000
Indwell Community Homes
Supporting grant$500
Interval House of Hamilton
Hero's Journey $7,000
Jared's Place* $5,500
Jared's Place $5,000
Supporting grant $8,386
James MacDonald Elementary School/HWDSB Foundation
Upkeep and support of Emily's Garden $1,000
Jazz.FM91 Inc.
Supporting grant$570
The John Howard Society
Easter Celebration - Riverdale Neighbourhood* $1,500
Healthy Communities Flamborough $3,000
Pause, Shuffle, Play - Davis Creek Neighbourhood*$675
Spring Time Egg Hunt - Davis Creek Neighbourhood*$625
Yard Program* $35,000
Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation
Supporting grant$750
Jump In Foundation
Physical Activation Program* $10,000
Physical Activation Program $10,000
Supporting grant$500
Jump Math
Cause Marketing Strategy $25,000
Supporting grant $50,000
Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre Foundation/HHS Foundation
Supporting grant $2,000
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Supporting grant$750
Keith Neighbourhood Community Hub/The John Howard Society
The Strawberry Thunder Festival* $4,000
Kids Now
Self-Esteem and Leadership Mentorship $5,000
Kiwanis Music Festival Association of Greater Toronto
Vocal scholarship$500
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Supporting grant$653
L'Arche Hamilton
Creative Hands Day Studio $2,500
LEAP Pecaut Centre for Social Impact
Supporting grant $125,000
The Learning Partnership
Supporting grant $25,000
Let's Talk Science
Supporting grant $25,000
Liberty for Youth
Bright Choices $10,000
Living Rock Ministries
25 Days of Christmas $3,500
Housing support*$200
Rock Resources $25,000
Supporting grant $8,987
Wellness Works $5,895
London Community Foundation
Daniel Nestor Fund $1,000
Loran Scholars Foundation
Supporting grant $80,000
Lynwood Charlton Centre
Butterfly and Bee Garden $2,000
Under the Willows* $10,000
Under the Willows $7,500
MacNab Street Presbyterian Church
Supporting grant $11,020
March of Dimes Canada Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Jason's House kitchen renovations $5,000
MaRS Discovery District
Centre for Impact Investing $75,000
Solutions Lab $150,000
SVX $25,000
STEM Hacks $2,000
Maytree Foundation
Commonwealth Program $50,000
McGill University
Supporting grant $2,000
McMaster University
Change Camp Hamilton 2017* $1,500
MCYU in the City* $32,500
Museum of Art $2,000
President's Fund $1,000
Ray Family Autism Research Fund $20,000
Scholarship award $1,000
McQuesten Community Planning Team/SPRC
Multicultural Canada Day* $4,000
Melrose United Church
Supporting grant $6,340
Metis Women's Circle
Reconciliation through music at Hess Street School* $20,000
Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation
Supporting grant $5,000
Mission Services of Hamilton
Photographic exhibit and drug addiction awareness initiative* $15,000
Supporting grant $7,183
Youth meal program $18,000
Mohawk College
Bursaries $10,002
Drafting fundamentals and standards $20,000
Musicata (John Laing Singers)
Supporting grant $2,000
Muskoka Conservancy
Supporting grant $1,000
National Association Teachers of Singing, Ontario Chapter
Scholarship awards $2,500
National Youth Orchestra
Supporting grant $1,000
Native Women's Centre
Resilience in Indigenous Communities* $4,131
Supporting grant$400
The Circle of Gifting $2,325
Trauma Sensitive Yoga $2,500
Neighbour to Neighbour Centre (Hamilton)
Food, Justice and Arts festival* $5,000
Hamilton Community Food Centre: Food skills programming for all ages $10,000
Jack Parent reading program* $20,000
Jack Parent reading program $15,000
Kids Can Succeed $1,000
Net Ministries of Canada
Supporting grant $1,000
New Hope Community Bikes
Supporting grant$500
New Vision United Church
Supporting grant $9,858
No. 9 Contemporary Art & the Environment
Supporting grant $50,000
North Hamilton Community Health Centre
Pathways to Education: Fitness and recreation program* $8,000
Pathways to Education: Neighbourhood expansion $30,000
Pathways to Education: PATH program* $60,000
Pathways to Education: Photostory project* $3,000
Notre-Dame de Perpetual-Secours
Supporting grant $26,000
NovaCare Retirement Communities Association/Knights of Columbus Ontario Charity Foundation
Celebrating the history and stories of St. Elizabeth Village* $4,882
Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association - Hamilton/Halton
Vocal scholarships$900
Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association
Vocal scholarship$700
Opening Hearts
Opening Hearts Sibshops and Sibteens* $5,500
Options for Independent Living and Development
George Street Residents’ Canada 150 Celebration* $5,000
The Owl Foundation
Owl food $2,000
Pine shavings for mice $1,300
PATH Employment Services
Peer support group pilot*$500
Peel Music Festival
Vocal scholarship$400
People for Education
Measuring What Matters* $150,000
Peoples Community Sports/The Peoples Church
Free indoor soccer league* $4,698
Philpott Memorial Church
Supporting grant $9,854
Players' Guild of Hamilton Inc.
It's Morning Now* $6,980
Supporting grant $5,000
Portage Program for Drug Dependencies
Hamilton's aftercare support program $4,000
Prince of Wales Public School/HWDSB Foundation$200
Butterfly project* $5,000
Queen Mary School/HWDSB Foundation
Queen Mary performing arts program* $10,000
Re-create Outreach Art Studio/Shalem Mental Health Network
Art for street-involved youth*
Erased Lines: Poetry exploration workshops for at-risk youth* $6,000
Opening the Circle* $5,000
Red Tree Artists Collective/Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
Multi-generational arts in the classroom at Prince of Wales Elementary* $5,000
Rideau Hall Foundation - Fondation Rideau Hall
Post-secondary Access and Success Network* $50,000
Riverdale Community Centre/SPRC
Riverdale Eid and Canada 150 Celebration* $5,000
The Rob Freeman Foundation
Supporting grant $2,000
Robert Land Community Association
Young moms' art program - Keith Neighbourhood* $4,000
Food and clothing pantry $5,000
Hamilton Imagination Library* $4,500
Supporting grant $4,451
Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation St. Ann's Parish
Supporting grant
Supporting grant $8,000
Ronald McDonald House Hamilton
Family in-hospital support program $2,000
Ronald MacDonald family room program $2,000
Rotary Burlington Music Festival
Scholarship awards $2,700
Rotary Club of Hamilton A.M.
Imagine in the Park* $6,000
Royal Botanical Gardens
Community Day* $5,000
Supporting grant $19,033
Royal Canadian Humane Association
Supporting grant $3,922
Royal Conservatory of Music
Vocal scholarships $1,000
Rygiel Support for Community Living
Supporting grant $2,463
Salal Foundation
Canopy Initiative $50,000
The Salvation Army Hamilton
Celebrating Canada’s 150* $2,500
Ellen Osler Arts Program* $2,000
Ellen Osler Home $1,000
Ellen Osler Home bathroom renovation project* $10,000
Food bank* $15,000
Grace Haven Comfort and Care $1,400
New Choices Centre*$500
Supporting grant $10,671
The Paparella Innovative Arts Collaborative Mosaic Art Project* $5,000
Trusteeship program* $24,000
Trusteeship program $5,000
Scientists in School
Supporting STEM education in Hamilton’s low-income communities $14,450
Scleroderma Society of Canada
Supporting grant $5,000
Scouts Canada - Central Ontario Service Centre
Supporting grant$250
Shakespearience Performing Arts
School programs* $5,000
School programs $3,000
Shalem Mental Health Network
Creating Community One Senior at a Time* $9,572
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Supporting grant $1,232
Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School/HWDSB Foundation
Student emergency needs $2,000
Skills for Change
Bridging the Gap: Reducing isolation through training and support* $15,000
Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Community development – small grants program* $32,814
Community development support* $157,500
The Society for Animal Aid (Burlington Humane Society)
Supporting grant $2,000
Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (Canada)
Supporting grant $32,000
St. Agnes School/HWCDSB
Introduction to the arts* $5,000
St. Jerome's University
Supporting grant $4,000
St. John Ambulance
Support for therapy dogs in loving memory of Buffy Meredith$300
St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation
Electrocardiogram machines $25,000
Mental health services at West 5th site $10,000
Supporting grant $21,000
Youth Wellness Centre - Empowerment Fund $5,000
St. Joseph's Home Care
Supporting grant $25,934
St. Joseph's Villa
Hospice support $5,000
St. Joseph's Villa Foundation
Construction renovations to wing $5,000
Enhancing care* $15,000
Supporting grant $30,000
St. Mark's United Church
Accessible audiovisual project* $10,000
St. Matthew's House
Hearing the Voice of Our Community* $3,000
Senior home delivery supports $10,000
Christmas program $3,000
Supporting grant $15,774
St. Patrick's Parish
Supporting grant $40,969
St. Peter's Care Centres
Raise the Flag*$500
St. Raphael's Parish Church
Accessibility project $5,000
Supporting grant $1,000
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Lumber for building renovation project $6,000
Running & Reading Club $21,000
Stewart Memorial Church
Celebrating Black presence and contributions to Canada (Hamilton)* $5,000
The Stop Community Food Centre
Supporting grant $75,000
Student Open Circles
Community Volunteer Circles* $3,000
Community Volunteer Circles $10,500
SwimAbility Hamilton/Special Olympics Ontario Inc.
Hamilton lessons* $1,500
Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement
Be a Light Fund $50,000
Telling Tales
10th anniversary community outreach $10,000
Canada 150 events* $3,500
Literacy campaign $5,000
Programming for children and youth in low-income neighborhoods* $5,000
Reading campaign* $3,000
Tetra Society of North America
Tools for Tykes – Hamilton Chapter $3,500
Theatre Ancaster
Supporting grant $5,000
Theatre Aquarius
Ovation Outreach Enrollment Program $5,000
Supporting grant $9,000
Threshold School of Building
Computer lab $5,000
Job developer $20,000
Supporting grant $15,241
OASIS program $35,000
Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Program $4,000
Supporting grant $30,000
Tides Canada Foundation
Strategic Philanthropy and Leadership* $7,500
Tottering Biped Theatre Inc.
Shakespeare at the Royal Botanical Gardens* $5,000
Shakespeare at the Royal Botanical Gardens $3,000
Town of Collingwood
Boardwalk trail system $56,000
Heather Pathway expansion $26,000
Supporting grant$570
The Tyndale Foundation
Supporting grant $2,463
United Nations Association In Canada Hamilton Branch
Peace Book$500
Waging Peace in Hamilton* $4,000
United Way Halton & Hamilton
Supporting grant $26,777
University of Guelph
Bursaries $4,000
University of St. Michael's College
Supporting grant $5,000
University of Toronto
President`s Club $1,000
University of Western Ontario
The Concussion Project $1,000
Urquhart Butterfly Garden/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Summer educational program* $2,740
Vibe Arts
150 Reasons why we love Canada* $5,000
Victorian Order of Nurses - Hamilton Branch
Palliative education and intravenous training certification for nurses* $5,000
Tele-Touch program$500
Village Theatre (Waterdown) Inc.
Supporting grant $5,000
The Waterdown East Flamborough Heritage Society and Archives
Flamborough Heritage Early Settlements Book and Olde Tyme Picnic* $4,000
We Charity (Free the Children)
Supporting grant $25,000
Welcome Inn Community Centre of Hamilton
Child and youth programs* $23,800
Community Christmas $1,950
Inspiring Education $2,000
Learing and Fun: Financial literacy program $15,602
New Horizons Thrift Store* $2,500
Supporting grant $10,000
Welcoming 150 years* $2,375
Wellwood Resource Centre of Hamilton
Exploring the cancer journey through art* $5,000
Multimedia workshops $4,000
Men's Night In $2,000
Sessions for children living with serious illness in the family* $5,500
Sessions for children living with serious illness in the family $6,064
Supporting grant $10,049
Wesley Urban Ministries
Supporting grant $9,113
The Great Hamilton Scavenger Hunt* $5,000
WAN2B* $50,000
Westdale Cinema Group 3
Equipment for live programming* $25,000
Supporting grant $5,000
Wever CORE/Rotary Club of Hamilton Sunshine Fund
McMaster trip* $7,000
Mom's Healthy Cooking on a Budget $7,000
Supporting grant $7,987
Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
Community Day*$300
School visits $1,500
Youth programs* $5,000
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford
Camp Wanakita bursary $1,000
Peace Medal $4,000
Senior Beyond the Bell $20,000
Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada
Hamilton schools* $37,500
YPI at Dundas Valley Secondary School* $2,500
YWCA Hamilton
A Phoenix Place Christmas $1,560
Art in Transition* $3,931
Bones Plus* $8,000
Family Access Program $5,000
Phoenix Place $1,000
STEM Girls' Club $1,000
Syrian Girls' Leadership and Integration Training Camp* $5,608
Transitional Housing and Shelter Program $3,000

*Denotes Community Fund or field-of-interest fund grant.
Organizations identified in italics are charitable sponsors for the grant.
Some grants are payable over multiple years