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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please read them before contacting HCF. We will continue to update this section throughout the call.

How much grant money is available?

The Pandemic Response Fund has an initial $2 million commitment to address short, medium-term and longer-term issues arising from the pandemic. 

How much funding should I be requesting?

There is no minimum or maximum amount; these are unprecedented times and we cannot predict what funding amounts organizations may need. However, we anticipate a large number of requests, which may exceed our current resources. Despite their merit, not all projects will be funded and projects may not receive their full requested amount.  

When do grant monies need to be spent by?

Funding for Stream One and Two are meant to support short- to medium-term needs during this health crisis. We cannot predict the length of this pandemic, however, we anticipate these funds will address needs emerging in the next few weeks and months.

Can I apply for a grant if my organization expects to receive funding from other sources?

This funding is meant to support funding gaps not covered by municipal, provincial or federal governments for pandemic relief. Another valuable resource is Imagine Canada’s website. Please list all other sources of funding (anticipated or confirmed) in your budget.

My organization is currently facing pressures to support our clients’ need for food, hygiene and other basic supplies while also ensuring that we have the capacity to meet this expanding need as we work in a new way through physical distancing. Can we submit an application to Stream One and Stream Two at the same time?

We understand that organizations have been affected by COVID-19 in different ways. Yes, organizations are able to apply to both the Meeting Basic Needs and Stabilization stream at the same time. Please note the Stabilization stream is not meant to provide additional funding for your previously funded application under Basic Needs. If you are applying to both the Basic Needs and Stabilization streams, ensure the applications are requesting funding for different purposes.  

I have already received a Foundation grant to address emergency pandemic needs. May I also apply to the Pandemic Response Fund?

Yes. Although, we anticipate a large number of requests and will aim to fund a range of organizations to maximize the impact of this fund on the community.

How many times can I apply to the Pandemic Response Fund?

HCF recognizes that organizations’ response to COVID-19 is continually changing as events unfold and it is difficult to predict what resources or supports may be needed in the coming weeks or months. You are able to apply again to the same or to a different stream than your previous grant. However, an organization is only permitted to have one active grant per stream at one time. You must have fully expended your current PRF grant before applying for additional funding. 

Can anyone apply for a Pandemic Response Fund grant?

At this time, our focus is on supporting our community by stabilizing and meeting basic needs of organizations delivering critical services to vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19. Grants from Hamilton Community Foundation are limited to registered charities or non-profits with a charitable partner (fiscal sponsorship).  Information on fiscal sponsorships is available on our website.

When will I receive a decision about my grant application?

We will be accepting applications on an ongoing basis, and will make decisions on an ongoing basis. HCF is committed to moving resources as quickly as possible.

When will applications for Stream Three (Recovery/Rebuilding) be open?

Applications for Stream Three will not be available until after Ontario’s State of Emergency has been lifted.

Due to physical distancing, and in an effort to keep our staff and clients safe, we have cancelled all of our in-person programming. We are looking at creative ways of using technology and other online delivery methods to get our programs running again. Is this something HCF would fund?

Yes, this would be eligible as long as the online programming supports your organization’s COVID-19 emergency response, and is facilitated in a way that provides equitable access to the people you serve. Not everyone has reliable access to internet or the technology to access online programming.

Can we use a grant from this fund to pay staff wages?

We are open to reviewing applications that request support for staff as long as it is directly tied to your organization’s response to the impact of COVID-19.

I have questions regarding the application process and/or the status of my application to HCF’s Pandemic Response Fund. Whom should I contact?

In response to COVID-19, HCF staff team is working remotely until further notice. If you have a question about this fund or the application process, please read through these frequently asked questions first. If your question has not been answered here, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email is the most efficient way of reaching us.