Staff Members

Terry Cooke

President & CEO

905.523.5600 x 224
Email Terry

Mary Anne Grant

Corporate Secretary / Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

905.523.5600 x 227
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Philanthropic Services

Andrea Buttars

Vice-President, Philanthropic Services

905.523.5600 x 254
Email Andrea

Shylah Zimmerman

Director, Philanthropic Services

905.523.5600 x 264
Email Shylah

Lissette Nunez Gomez*

Philanthropic Services Officer

905.523.5600 x 246
Email Lissette
*currently on maternity leave

Victoria Deanes

Philanthropic Services Officer

905.523.5600 x 230
Email Victoria

Amy Poole

Administrative Assistant, Philanthropic Services

905.523.5600 x 253
Email Amy

Grants & Community Initiatives

Rudi Wallace

Vice-President, Grants & Community Initiatives

905.523.5600 x 259
Email Rudi

CA Klassen

Director, Grants and Community Initiatives

905.523.5600 x 255
Email CA

Sharon Charters

Manager, Grants

905.523.5600 x 242
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Elizabeth Webb

Grants Co-ordinator

905.523.5600 x 249
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Erin Parsons-Lewis

Scholarships and Bursaries

905.523.5600 x 236
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Yasmeen Ikramullah*

Impact and Evaluation Specialist

Email Yasmeen
*currently on maternity leave

Robyn Ocean

Education Project Co-ordinator

905.523.5600 x 222
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Tami Henderson

Administrative Assistant, Grants

905.523.5600 x 241
Email Tami

Sara Wallner

Administrative Assistant, Grants & Philanthropic Services

905.523.5600 x 235
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Community Relations

Grace Diffey, APR, FCPRS

Vice-President, Community Relations

905.523.5600 x 260
Email Grace

Michael Parente

Manager, Community Relations

905.523.5600 x 263
Email Michael

Tracy Varcoe

Administrative Assistant/Website Administrator

905.523.5600 x 223
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Finance and Administration

Yulena Wan, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance & Operations

905.523.5600 x 228
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Yvonne Yeoh

Executive Assistant

905.523.5600 x 226
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Derek Watts


905.523.5600 x 245
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Joy Disu

Accounting and Operations Co-ordinator

905.523.5600 x 221
Email Joy

Kristina Chidiac


905.523.5600 x 244
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