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Women 4 Change (W4C) is a collective giving initiative that’s open to all who share a passion for improving the lives of women, girls and gender-diverse people in Hamilton. Donors pool their donations and HCF makes grants that have an immediate and long-lasting impact.

W4C has granted over $450,000 to more than 40 projects, including the YWCA safer drug space, Youth and Philanthropy Initiative and Crown Point midwives program. We have also funded five research reports: the research, Girls & STEM, Women’s Philanthropy: Characteristics, Trends and Patterns, Impact of COVID-19

Women 4 Change helped to support Canada’s second gender-based safer-use drug space at YWCA’s Carole Anne’s Place, a drop-in shelter run by the YWCA Hamilton. Read the full story here.

W4C is built on four pillars. As a collective, we:

Become a contributor: Women 4 Change contributors meet throughout the year for educational sessions, networking and site visits to learn together. Donations of any amount are welcome. To become a contributor, donate $1,500 annually or $125 monthly. Contributors 40 and under, donate $500 annually or $41.67 monthly. Donations provide:

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