As your local community foundation we have the honour and the pleasure to work with organizations that deal with issues that affect all Hamiltonians.

In Future Intended Podcast we hear from local charitable organizations about the work they do to drive positive change in Hamilton. Have a listen!

Episode 1: Faith and philanthropy: Islam and Judaism

Terry Cooke talks with two faith leaders about the links between faith and philanthropy. Imam Hosam Helal (Islamic Society of North America) talks about the relationship between giving, truth and love in Islam. Rabbi Daniel Green (Adas Israel Synagogue) talks about tzedakah and its connection with social justice.

Episode 2: Cycling in Hamilton, Part 1

Our guests are Kate Whalen (Past Chair, Cycle Hamilton) and Ryan McGreal (Editor, Raise the Hammer) who talk with Terry Cooke about the state of cycling in Hamilton.

Episode 3: Cycling in Hamilton, Part 2

Jamie Stuckless (Executive Director, Share the Road Cycling Coalition) and Jay Krause (Chair, Cycle Hamilton) talk with Terry Cooke about issues related to cycling including transportation justice and what it means to “share the road”.

Episode 4: Syrian newcomers in Hamilton – 4 years later

Terry Cooke sits down with two staff members at Immigrants Working Centre — Wael Ghali (Vice Principal, LINC) and Eman Israil-Elmasri (Employment Specialist, WorkLINC program) to talk about some of the challenges faced by newcomers — and Syrian newcomer Saher Emmun, who shares his story of settling in Hamilton.

Episode 5: Hamilton’s film scene

Terry Cooke talks with Debbie Spence (City of Hamilton) and Nathan Fleet (Executive Director, Hamilton Film Festival) about Hamilton’s booming film industry — where we are now and what the future holds.

Episode 6: A lonely fight: Hugh Segal and universal basic income

Terry Cooke talks with the Honorary Hugh Segal to discuss his career in politics including his “lonely fight” as a Conservative to advocate for a universal basic income for all Canadians.