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Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive Hamilton by contributing to our Community Fund, Hamilton’s community endowment.  This fund allows us to tackle Hamilton’s most pressing issues now and into the future.

For more than a decade, our Community Fund granting has focused on poverty reduction.  Our work has paved the way for greater funding and partnerships across Hamilton. More recently, we have been examining how a deeper focus on education could accelerate positive changes for individuals and our city.  As a result, we’ve developed ABACUS, an initiative to help more young Hamiltonians go on to post-secondary education.  This increased focus on education as a route to prosperity is a natural evolution of our poverty reduction work, and a role our community has told us is tailor-made for HCF. You can read more about ABACUS and see our research.

The Community Fund is a way for all citizens of Hamilton to make a difference through their charitable giving.  There are several ways to give to the Community Fund and we welcome donations of any amount. Read about how one couple view the Community Fund as an important part of their giving strategy here.

Within the Community Fund you also have the opportunity to support the Arts Endowment Fund, the Environment Endowment Fund and the Hamilton Smart and Caring Fund. These funds have been established to support specific areas in the community, and like the Community Fund, address the most pressing issues in their area of focus.

The focus of the Arts Endowment Fund is to help ensure a strong, vibrant and sustainable arts sector in Hamilton. It does this by making grants that support community art and access, capacity building and sustainability as well as social innovation and economic development.

The Environment Endowment Fund supports a wide range of initiatives and organizations that are important to Hamilton’s environmental well-being. The focus of grants could be on conserving our natural environment, supporting new technology and a green economy, initiatives related to air, water and food supply, education and citizen engagement and building capacity of the local environment sector.

The Hamilton Smart and Caring Fund is a natural extension of HCF’s focus on education through ABACUS. This fund provides grants to support the enhancement of academic, community and environmental factors that enable educational access and success for Hamiltonians, .

For more information on how to donate to the Community Fund, or to learn about exciting opportunities to have your donations to the arts or environment fund matched, contact a member of our Philanthropic Services team.