Private foundations

Private foundations and donor-advised funds at financial Institutions

Driving positive change is Hamilton Community Foundation’s mission and one that we share with many private and family foundations as well as donor-advised funds at financial institutions. We can provide professional advice and partnership in a number of ways:

Be part of our donor community

Many private foundations and donor-advised funds at financial institutions donate to HCF’s Community Fund to be connected to HCF’s wider philanthropic impact, learning and donor community.

“Their skill in impact investing, their depth of knowledge, their enthusiasm for seeking solutions to Hamilton’s bigger problems — we have things to learn from the community foundation as we continue giving back to the community that is so supportive of the Milli brand.” Ben Gould on the donor-advised Milli Fund which continues an iconic family’s legacy of philanthropy. Read more here.

Learn from our community knowledge

Sharpen the focus and impact of your giving in Hamilton with our grantmaking assistance. This ranges from one-time meetings to share community knowledge in a particular focus area to more formal fee-for-service support.

Partner on impact

Let’s work together on our city’s big, deeply-seated issues through granting and community leadership. Learn more about the issues we’re focusing on to consider possible collaboration with your foundation.  

Develop a succession plan

For private foundations, circumstances and priorities change over time. We offer an alternative to having your own private foundation. Convert your private foundation to a fund at HCF and you can maintain the level of involvement that works best for you. Read about how HCF was able to help The Brabant FoundationEdith H. Turner FoundationThe Malloch Foundation and The Chedoke Health Foundation.

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