Professional advisors

Add 70 years of philanthropic experience to your team

With the right advice, charitable giving can be its own reward.

HCF supports professional advisors with specialized knowledge.

We do the research, administration and charitable strategy so that lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others, can more effectively assist their clients with philanthropic planning at critical times:

  • Selling a business
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning (e.g. capital gains)
  • Real estate sales

“We are still learning and developing a plan, but we’ve been amazed at how great it feels to give back in this way.” Referred by their accountant, Sue and John Greene came to HCF and opened a donor-advised fund with a focus on affordable housing innovation, the arts, and other issues. Read their story here.

Options and support. We offer a quick and easy process to make a donation. This helps saves time when clients can benefit from donating now and deferring the details until they have more time.

Community-based. As a community foundation, we’re uniquely positioned to know our local community and the important work of charitable organizations.

Advice and knowledge. Our team has deep and relevant philanthropic and financial expertise that professional advisors can leverage to help their clients.

Trusted and well-managed. We’ve earned the trust of countless individuals, families and businesses over the last 70 years.

Proven track record. We consistently meet client objectives because we know how to connect people to the right initiatives – the one that most closely align with their passions, interests and values.

Now and in the future. We can help your client make a significant impact now and in the future, making the difference they want to make.

Advisor resources

To better serve your clients with their charitable giving decisions, please refer to the following resources:

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