Professional advisors

Working with you and your clients

Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and insurance professionals refer clients to Hamilton Community Foundation to help with their charitable giving now and in the future. Whether it is helping your clients support the most pressing needs in Hamilton, memorialize their loved ones, or donate through their will, we help you meet your clients’ philanthropic intentions and make the impact they want in their community. As philanthropic advisors, we provide impartial advice about flexible giving options and work with individual, family and business clients to help them develop their charitable plans.

When you make us part of your full-service advisory team, we work with you and your clients to:

We can provide this information either directly to your client or to you. For more information or to discuss your clients’ philanthropic needs contact a member of the Philanthropic Services team.

Advisor resources

To better serve your clients with their charitable giving decisions, please refer to the following resources: