What is ALL IN?

Being ALL IN means total engagement. An alignment that brings about positive change. It’s where passion and purpose meet.


The issues that inspire you, move you, spur you to action. What you care passionately about; what you want for your community..


Words give shape to the change you want to see. They illuminate possibilities to build understanding, gather perspectives and inspire others.


What you do that makes a difference. Even small actions have the potential to spur change.

When they connect and work together as one, that’s being ALL IN.

Read our full 2019 annual report here.

Stories from our annual report

Street culture

Friendly Streets initiative builds community from the ground up Ask what the phrase “friendly street” means and responses will vary, from safe and accessible to tree-lined and socially vibrant. “A friendly street …

Back on track

Three-year Grad Track program builds resilience in middle-school kids Somewhere in Hamilton, a Grade 8 student is researching the high-school courses …

A picture of health

National initiative draws on local knowledge Green Shield Canada (GSC)—the country’s only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits provider—is partnering with HCF to…

A bridge over healing waters

In Denise Montgomery’s Grade 6 music class at Hess Street School, students are learning about pitch, volume and pacing. They’re also learning about the symbolic importance of Indigenous instruments, the role of women….

Joy ride

The five-seat minibus stops outside Linda Wildhagen’s Waterdown home, and the driver gets out to help her gingerly make her way down a slippery driveway. She’s hardly settled in her seat before…