Celebrate 60 Years

1984 to 1993: The Hamilton Spectator Summer Camp Fund

One of the city’s best-known charitable endeavours, The Hamilton Spectator Summer Camp Fund, came under the auspices of the Foundation in 1984.

While the camp fund dates back to 1898, “The Spec” joined forces with the Foundation in the 80s to do what each could do best:  the Foundation to use its financial and granting expertise to administer the;   the newspaper to use its community reach to raise awareness and educate citizens about the benefits of camp.

Since that time, thousands of Hamilton children have had the opportunity to experience the joy of summer camp thanks to this fund,  and thousands of Hamiltonians have experienced the pleasure of knowing their contribution makes it possible.

The Spectator Summer Camp Fund, established so many years ago, has had, and continues to have, a huge influence on child development in this community