Celebrate 60 Years

2004 to today: Turning Knowledge into Strategic Action

It was in this decade that all the Foundation’s research and experience pointed to one pervasive barrier to Hamilton’s vitality: poverty. HCF’s board decided to tackle this complex, long-term problem, head-on, focusing the bulk of its discretionary granting on this single issue. It was a bold approach, unheard-of in the community foundation world at the time.

Since that time the Foundation has invested some $10 million into reducing and preventing poverty through strategic grantmaking and community leadership. We established the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction to address policy-level changes while stressing the pivotal role of neighbourhoods in strengthening the city – an approach since adopted by the City of Hamilton.

As we look back and look ahead on this 60th Anniversary, we remain committed to addressing Hamilton’s toughest challenges, ever mindful that the gifts entrusted to us over six decades are a powerful force for good.

Based on research, community knowledge, best practices in philanthropy – and Hamiltonians’ deep love for their city – we will continue to steer a course that puts those resources to work for Hamilton’s vitality.