Celebrate 60 Years

Our 60th Anniversary Sponsor – Pioneer Energy

Our 60th Anniversary Sponsor – Pioneer Energy

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A commitment to value beyond the pumps.

For close to 60 years, one of Hamilton’s outstanding corporate partners has been Pioneer Energy LP, founded by Murray Hogarth.

The home-grown company started in 1956 with one gas station on Upper James St., It’s now a multi-billion dollar corporation with gas/convenience retail locations across Ontario, Manitoba and into Atlantic Canada – and it fosters a stellar commitment to giving back.

In 1999, Pioneer marked the millennium by establishing the Pioneer Energy Foundation at HCF and has since granted close to $4 million focused on the needs of children and young adults. The company also created the Pioneer Petroleums Foundation Fund within HCF’s Community Fund to help deal with Hamilton’s most pressing needs. Pioneer also generously supports a range of other charities across the communities where they are located.

Pioneer paves the way for others to make a difference through community philanthropy. Programs at their retail outlets like Cent a Litre Days, Give What You Can, and School Bucks Community Bucks, encourage customers and partners to join them in meeting local needs.

It’s hard to overestimate the value of Pioneer’s commitment to Hamilton and the other cities where the company has does business. We thank them for their anniversary sponsorship, but even more for decades of support to our community – past and future