How much money is available through this fund?

The Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF) is a $400 million investment made by the Government of Canada to assist organizations serving vulnerable populations. The amount available locally for granting through Hamilton Community Foundation is $1.29 million.  

What is the focus for granting from the CSRF?

As a national program, there are three distinct focus areas for the funding:

May we apply to United Way Centraides, Community Foundations and Canadian Red Cross?

No. Organizations may submit only one application for funding under this program.  The only exception is for an organization that applies as part of a collaborative and who is not the lead applicant. That organization may apply to the fund but only for a different project.

What are the size of grants being administered by Hamilton Community Foundation?

Hamilton Community Foundation will be issuing grants ranging from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $100,000 per request.  We anticipate this will be a highly competitive granting round. Under exceptional circumstances, applications from collaborations of community services organizations may be considered for up to $200,000. Please speak with HCF staff before submitting this kind of application.

Who is eligible to apply for the CRSF?

Organizations providing frontline services to vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19 are eligible to apply. Registered charities, incorporated non-profits, and unincorporated non profits meeting the full set of eligibility criteria (CSRF Applicant Guide pp. 8-9) are eligible to apply. The CRSF Decision Tree will help organizations decide to which national funder the should apply, depending on program focus and the organization’s legal status. Unincorporated non-profits must apply through Canadian Red Cross, regardless of their program stream .

If we have received other federal and/or provincial or territorial COVID-19 related funding, can we still apply?

Yes, CSRF resources can enhance and expand your current COVID-19-funded community service so long you do not claim for the same expense twice. Please make sure you indicate additional sources of funding on your application.

How does an organization apply to the CSRF?

Applicants can apply through the Community Foundations of Canada’s National portal at:

What is the difference between the previous Emergency Community Support Fund and the CSRF?

Simply put, the ECSF was established to support service provision to vulnerable populations during the height of the pandemic.  The CSRF is focused on building the capacity of charitable organizations as they enter the recovery of the pandemic.  CSRF will not fund program delivery. 

When can organizations apply for funding and when will they be notified whether they are successful?

The application portal opens January 6, 2023 and closes on February 21, 2023.  It is anticipated that applicants will be notified by the end of May.  Funds must be used by June 30, 2024.

Will grants decisions be made locally or nationally?

HCF will be reviewing and approving the decisions related to the amount it has available to grant.

Will you pay for activities, that meet the criteria, that are already underway?

If activities or services are underway, you can apply for additional resources to expand and/or extend the delivery of service for a longer time (up to June 30, 2024). HCF is not funding expenses already incurred.

What does using an equity lens mean related to the CSRF?

Using an equity lens means recognizing diversity in experience and needs and creating frameworks that respond to diversity.  An equity lens requires a set of informed polices and practices intentionally designed to promote opportunity and rectify disparities, as well as informed people positioned to implement them effectively. This is the “lens” through which the Foundation will assess CSRF applications and make granting decisions. 

Where can we find more information?  Will assistance be provided in the application process?

Please refer to the following websites for further details:

Community Foundations of Canada

United Way

Canadian Red Cross

There are also recordings of applicant webinars available. If you have questions, please send your questions to You will receive an emailed response; in addition, answers to questions of a general nature may also be used to update this page, so please check back.