The Foundation has an objective to support systems changes that remove barriers and advance outcomes for students. In collaboration with our educational and other community partners, our current initiatives include:

Pandemic Education Research Project

In partnership with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, this study looked at the fundamental effects of the pandemic on students and families. In late 2021, researchers heard from 23 youths ranging in age from age seven to 17 about their experiences with online programming, connections with peers and trusted adults, as well as on the supports that worked best. HCF is using this report, in combination with other available data, to focus its resources for maximum effectiveness. You can read the final report here.

Hamilton Community Research Partnership

This coalition provides a model for collecting and connecting data to track and improve long-term student outcomes in Ontario. Its members are Hamilton’s two school boards, McMaster University and Mohawk College. HCF and the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario provide funding and organizational support.

The project connects data housed by individual institutions to provide a fuller understanding of students’ trajectories through the education system, and how they are affected by spending and other decisions. Within a secure infrastructure, the project provides the means to share de-identified data that can lead to knowledge such as characteristics and predictors of students’ likelihood to attend post-secondary and their success once there. It can provide information about programming and assistance that may increase this likelihood and how post-secondary institutions can support incoming students, particularly those who need it most.