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Collective giving at Hamilton Community Foundation brings together donors with a similar interest who want to pool their donations to achieve greater impact. Some collective giving circles provide opportunities for you to learn about grantmaking and areas of need in the community. All collective giving donors make a difference in the lives of Hamiltonians.

Women 4 Change (W4C) is one of HCF’s collective giving circles. Established in 2012, the W4C fund now has over 50 contributors who have access to the research and educational opportunities provided by the Foundation. W4C offers a unique opportunity enabling women to become more effective philanthropists while focusing on improving the lives of local girls and women. Learn more or become a contributor

The Lawyers Legacy for Children was established as a permanent endowment fund to benefit local children with the proceeds from the 2006 production of ‘Inherit the Wind’, staged by local lawyers. A profession recognized for its generosity and commitment to the Hamilton community, this fund provides a vehicle for collective giving to better the lives of children.  Learn more or make a donation.

The Hamilton Spectator Summer Camp Fund is a partnership between The Hamilton Spectator and HCF that makes it possible for disadvantaged Hamilton children to go to summer camp. Thousands of children from low income families have benefited from day and overnight camp experiences. Learn more or make a donation.

The Rotary Forever Fund was established by the downtown Rotary Club of Hamilton to provide a permanent endowment and annual income to support the club’s charitable activities. Members are encouraged to make regular contributions and also to become a member of the Broadfoot Circle – a group of members who have made a commitment to leave a gift to the fund in their will.  Learn more or make a donation.