Grants and student awards

2015-2016 grants

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of generations of donors, Hamilton Community Foundation is able to invest in the future of our community through grantmaking. The Foundation makes grants to a wide range of local charitable organizations that, in turn, help strengthen our community.

Grants by recipient organization

This list shows the details of all grants to all organizations in 2015–2016. Grants marked with an asterisk are those made from the Board-directed Community Fund or field-of-interest funds. All other grants are from donor-advised or designated funds and reflect the philanthropic interests of those who established the funds.

In addition to the grants listed below, the Foundation provided grants totalling:

Grants by recipient organization
Adult Community Support Program/Crossfire Assembly
Get Hip Get Fit 2*$5,000
Advanced Coronary Treatment Foundation
CPR and defibrillator training program$14,200
Supporting grant$2,000
Advocacy Centre for the Elderly
Supporting grant$1,040
Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton
Supporting grant$7,243
Ancaster Community Services & Information
Frozen meal program*$10,049
Ancaster Society for the Performing Arts Corporation
Sinfonia Ancaster$8,000
Art Forms/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Brushes and Beats*$20,000
Keep the Ball Rolling*$10,000
Markowski exterior historic mural*$5,000
Supporting grant$4,500
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Children's programs$2,000
Supporting grant$9,000
Youth council*$10,000
The Arthritis Society
Supporting grant$2,192
Artscape Foundation
Supporting grant$35,000
Affiliated Services for Children & Youth (ASCY)
Read to Your Baby$20,000
Supporting grant$35,000
Autism Society of Ontario, Hamilton Chapter
Respite programs and services for caregivers$400
Bach Elgar Choir
Part-time choral administrator*$15,000
Requiem, op. 9 by Maurice Duruflé*$5,000
Supporting grant$3,000
Beasley Neighbourhood Association/Industry Education Council of Hamilton
BLINK program$5,845
Bennetto Middle School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Supporting grant$3,325
Bird Studies Canada (Long Point)
Supporting grant$1,120
Birthright Organization of Hamilton
Supporting grant$4,000
Brantford Kiwanis Music Festival
Scholarship award$300
The Bridge from Prison to Community (Hamilton)
Supporting grant$5,000
Bruce Trail Conservancy
Earth Day gala$1,300
Supporting grant$400
Burlington Community Foundation
Supporting grant$20,670
Burlington Humane Society
Supporting grant$2,000
Burlington Museums Foundation
Supporting grant$10,000
The Calgary Foundation
Supporting grant$5,000
Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
Supporting grant$1,575
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Supporting grant$2,192
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Supporting grant$35,000
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Supporting grant$15,000
The Canadian Red Cross Society
Emergency and disaster services and community health and wellness programs$400
Supporting grant$588
Tiffany Circle$10,000
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Outreach to schools$5,000
Cancer Assistance Program
Supporting grant$10,000
Canine Vision (Dog Guides Canada)
Supporting grant$1,000
Carpenter Hospice
Building fund$10,000
In memory of Donna Carpenter$200
Cathedral High School/Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
Student emergency needs$2,000
CEDAR/Metis Women's Circle
Bimaadziwin: Youth at risk program*$80,000
Central Presbyterian Church
Sound system and organ fund$7,800
Supporting grant$3,946
Centre3 for Print and Media Arts
MediaArts[4] Youth$15,000
Chamber Music Hamilton
Supporting grant$13,000
Chedoke Health Foundation
Supporting grant$588
Children's Aid Society of Hamilton
Christmas hamper program$10,000
Miller Bear Program$3,000
Summer camperships$5,000
Supporting grant$1,000
Children's Health Foundation
Supporting grant$15,000
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Supporting grant$18,000
Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
Supporting grant$5,000
Christian Horizons Canada
Supporting grant$2,192
Christ's Church Cathedral
Community programs$2,000
City Housing Hamilton
Hip Hop in Jamesville*$4,982
Team Dignity*$10,000
City Kidz Ministry
Supporting grant$21,000
City of Hamilton
Books for Hess Street School*$2,059
Growing youth leaders in priority neighbourhoods$25,000
McQuesten Urban Farm$43,800
Coady International Institute-St. Francis Xavier University
Supporting grant$50,000
CoBALT CONNECTS/Players Guild of Hamilton Inc.
SpaceFinder Hamilton*$10,000
The Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children
Supporting grant$60,000
Community Development Halton
Supporting grant$40,000
Community Food Centres Canada
Supporting grant$50,000
Community Foundation Grey Bruce
Supporting grant$11,548
Community Foundations of Canada
National conference - social finance stream$15,000
National conference - attendance support*$2,500
Supporting grant$29,943
Community Information Hamilton
Food Access Guide*$5,100
Community Living Hamilton
Supporting grant$294
Corporation of the County of Bruce
Sauble Beach children's library$2,500
Culture for Kids in the Arts
After-school arts program$15,000
Artasia exhibition presentation*$5,000
Delta United Church
Supporting grant$7,000
Doctors Without Borders
Support for Africa$1,000
The Down Stairs Kitchen/Christ's Church Cathedral
Arts and theatre meet at dinner*$4,900
Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice Foundation
Supporting grant$31,691
Dr. J. Edgar Davey School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Playground project$1,000
Duet Club of Hamilton
Scholarship awards$1,000
Dundas Historical Society Museum
Community family festivals*$5,000
Expansion project$2,000
Dundas Valley Orchestra
Spotlight on Dundas*$5,700
Dundas Valley School of Art
Artists’' Connection programs*$13,191
Family ART days*$16,500
Nurture the Ability$12,000
Supporting grant$3,000
Dundas Youth Chaplaincy
Routes Youth Centre$20,000
The Easter Seals Ontario
Send a Kid to Camp$5,000
Elizabeth Fry Society
Compassion for the season$1,500
Elliott Heights Baptist Church
LARCH after-school program$31,000
Empowerment Squared
Hamilton downtown soccer league*$5,103
Homework Circle'’s Young Scholar program*$160,000
Engineers Without Borders (Canada)
Supporting grant$50,000
The Equality Effect
Supporting grant$50,000
Supporting grant$50,000
Fit Active Beautiful (FAB) Foundation
FAB girls 5K challenge$7,500
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region
Supporting grant$15,000
Food4Kids Hamilton Halton Niagara
Summer program$5,000
Free the Children
Supporting grant$131,940
GALA Community Planning Team/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Urban art in beautiful alleys*$5,000
Good Shepherd Centres Hamilton
The Market Place'’s work experience program$20,000
Purchase of baby products*$2,170
Supporting grant$55,311
Venture Centre$4,000
Second Stage Services for women$1,500
Grace Haven (The Salvation Army)
Comfort and Care$1,000
Green Venture/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
EcoStars summer camp$10,000
RAIN home visits*$8,213
Habitat for Humanity Hamilton
Hamilton's Home Build program$10,000
Halton Region Conservation Foundation
Cootes EcoPark land procurement$100,000
Cootes EcoPark land procurement - matching grant opportunity$150,000
Supporting grant$3,795
Halton Women's Place
Supporting grant$3,571
The Hamilton / Burlington Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Care of dogs$2,000
Supporting grant$5,193
Hamilton All Star Jazz Band
Supporting grant$2,000
Hamilton Artists Inc.
Exterior arts presentations*$5,000
Hamilton Arts Council
Art prize feasibility study$6,750
LivingArts Hamilton Symposium*$5,000
Hamilton Association for Residential & Recreational Redevelopment Programs
St. Peter's HARRRP$10,000
Youth Create Saturdays*$5,000
Hamilton Children's Choir
Bursary award*$2,807
Music Matters*$5,000
Supporting grant$5,000
Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
Healthy housing*$500
HRPR operations$71,721
Hamilton Conservation Foundation
Eco Valley Project$1,000
Increasing learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth$5,000
Supporting grant$14,111
Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children
Supporting grant$621
Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys' and Girls' Club
Crown Point educational engagement*$180,000
Ellis youth project*$7,000
Enhancements for girls' programming*$35,000
Ontario Early Years Centre$2,000
We Rock camp$4,000
Hamilton Festival Theatre Company
Frost Bites*$5,000
Hamilton Food Share
Dining and food packages for low income seniors*$10,000
Supporting grant$55,000
Support for seniors' program$5,000
Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
CIBC Breast Assessment Centre$1,000
McMaster Children's Hospital$64,000
Supporting grant$2,000
Hamilton Literary Festival Association
gritLIT: Hamilton's readers and writers festival*$5,000
Hamilton Music Collective
An Instrument for Every Child*$46,779
Hamilton Naturalists' Club
Pollinator corridor map$3,000
Pollinator Paradise$2,992
Pollinator Paradise at Hess Street School$1,000
Supporting grant$15,111
Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Community Care Access Centre
Supporting grant$1,659
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2000) Inc.
Conductor-in-Residence program and community outreach$5,000
Dundas senior and student programming*$10,500
Endowment fund with Ontario Arts Council$9,000
Programs for families and students*$10,000
Strategic planning 2016-19*$10,000
Supporting grant$35,143
Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
No barriers to music education and performance*$5,000
Supporting grant$7,366
Taking it to the streets*$5,000
Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
Witness Blanket exhibition*$5,000
Hamilton Right to Life
Supporting grant$5,000
Hamilton Sustainable Victory Gardens Inc.
Supporting grant$1,000
Hamilton Theatre Inc.
Hamilton Youth Poets/Centre3 for Print and Media Arts
Hamilton Beat*$5,000
National Team Tour*$5,000
Saskatchewan performance travel costs$500
Strength and Growth*$10,000
Supporting grant$5,000
Hamilton Youth Poets/Lynwood Charlton Centre
Louder Than a Bomb - Canadian youth poetry festival*$2,500
Supporting grant$15,000
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
LEAD successful transitions*$150,000
Physical literacy and school attendance*$30,000
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Hygiene products and toiletries$400
Photograph program at Bennetto School*$3,000
School-based Health and Wellness Centre$14,500
Sport hijabs*$3,300
Healing Arts and Recovery with Peer Support/City Housing Hamilton
Supporting grant$5,000
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Supporting grant$2,068
Hearts Together For Haiti
Supporting grant$5,000
Hillcrest Elementary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Program support$5,000
Hope for Wildlife Society
Supporting grant$400
The Hospital for Sick Children
Supporting grant$25,466
Bursaries for Indigenous students$2,000
Industry Education Council of Hamilton
Hamilton Code Clubs*$175,530
Interval House of Hamilton
Supporting grant$5,000
Supportive mothering$3,700
The Hero's Journey program$10,000
The John Howard Society
Healthy Community Healthy Youth Flamborough$3,000
Postcard campaign*$500
John Laing Singers
Supporting grant$2,000
Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation
Capital campaign$10,000
Redevelopment and expansion project$50,000
Supporting grant$1,000
Jump Math
Supporting grant$35,000
Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre Foundation/Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation
Supporting grant$2,000
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Supporting grant$1,000
The Learning Partnership
Supporting grant$25,000
Let's Talk Science
Supporting grant$25,000
Living Rock Ministries
Job coach$10,000
Operation Christmas Blessing$2,550
Rock Experience$17,600
Rock in Action*$7,000
Supporting grant$3,258
Loran Scholars Foundation
Lynwood Charlton Centre
Site development and maintenance project$5,000
Under the Willows$13,000
MacNab Street Presbyterian Church
Supporting grant$10,036
March of Dimes Canada Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Jason's House$4,000
MaRS Discovery District strong>
Centre for Impact Investment$150,000
Solutions Lab$150,000
Mathstronauts/McMaster University (McMaster Industry Liaison Office)
Supporting grant$5,000
McGill University
Supporting grant$2,000
McMaster Smiling Over Sickness/Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation
McMaster dance marathon$1,000
McMaster University
Lecture hall naming initiative - Ron Joyce Centre$25,000
McMaster Child and Youth University in the city*$70,000
Museum of Art$2,000
President's Fund$1,500
Scholarship award$1,300
Sponsorship of Dr. Sabri - McMaster/Hogarth Ophthalmology Clinic Conference$10,000
Stem cell research$2,000
McQuesten Community Planning Team/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Supporting grant$1,000
Melrose United Church
Supporting grant$6,176
Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation
Supporting grant$5,000
Mission Services of Hamilton
Supporting grant$6,004
Mohawk College
Bursary in construction trades$1,000
Mountain Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
Holiday dinner and student sponsorship$1,500
Muskoka Conservancy
Supporting grant$1,000
National Association of Teachers of Singing, Ontario Chapter
Scholarship award$1,000
National Youth Orchestra
Supporting grant$1,000
Native Women's Centre
Celebrating together$2,200
Navigators of Canada
Life Change Adventures$2,500
Neighbour to Neighbour Centre (Hamilton)
Child, youth and peri-natal community food programs$10,000
Jack Parent Tutoring Program$15,000
Kids Can Succeed$1,000
Math Success Program*$50,000
Purchase of baby products*$2,170
Women's space art expressions*$2,140
New Hope Community Bikes
Ride Smart school-based cycle education programming*$5,000
New Market Funds Society
Supporting grant$20,000
New Vision United Church
Supporting grant$7,760
Niwasa Head Start Preschool
NYAWEH Elementary*$150,000
No. 9 Contemporary Art & the Environment
Imagining My Sustainable City: community design and build program$15,000
North Hamilton Community Health Centre
PATH program*$120,000
Notre-Dame de Perpetual-Secours
Supporting grant$13,000
Olivet United Church
Eats 'n More seniors' program*$2,000
Ontario Music Festivals Association
Scholarship award$500
Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association - Hamilton/Halton
Scholarship awards$900
The Owl Foundation
Supporting grant$1,500
Parkview Church
Compassion Ministries*$2,000
Furniture program$2,000
Peel Music Festival
Scholarship award$300
Peoples Community Sports/The Peoples Church
Suiting up: providing each child with a team shirt and medal*$2,000
Philpott Memorial Church
Supporting grant$8,769
Phoenix Place
Christmas party$1,000
I'm Listening$2,784
Plan International Canada
Sponsored child$1,000
Port Nelson United Church
Rekindle capital campaign$25,000
Prince's Charities Canada
Prince's Operation Entrepreneur Program$5,000
Pro Bono Law Ontario
PBLO at McMaster Children's Hospital$17,700
Remembering Canada's Heroes
Canadian history on DVD$1,000
Robert Land Community Association
Building Community Through Creativity and Artasia*$5,000
Food/breakfast programs at the Eva Rothwell Centre$5,000
Supporting grant$13,981
Trades are the Way*$50,000
Youth entrepreneurs$10,700
Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation St. Ann's Parish
Supporting grant$4,000
Rotary Club of Hamilton
Telling Tales*$1,500
Royal Botanical Gardens
Children's summer programs$2,000
EcoPark System$108,682
Rock garden renewal$5,000
Supporting grant$15,268
Royal Canadian Humane Association
Supporting grant$3,539
Royal Conservatory of Music
Learning Through the Arts - Hamilton*$150,000
Rygiel Support for Community Living
Supporting grant$2,192
Salal Foundation
Canopy Planet - Boreal Forest$35,000
Canopy Project$75,000
The Salvation Army Hamilton
Community services food bank*$10,000
Reduce Anxiety and Restore Wellbeing Project$3,000
Supporting grant$20,588
Scientists in School
Supporting STEM education$12,000
Scleroderma Society of Ontario
Supporting grant$5,000
Shakespearience Performing Arts
The Classroom Shakespearience$12,000
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Supporting grant$1,097
Simon Fraser University
Carbon Talks$25,000
Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation
Supporting grant$1,000
Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School/Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Foundation
School-based health network*$14,243
Student emergency needs$2,000
Skills for Change of Metro Toronto
Bridging the Gap*$20,077
Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
1 in 4*$5,000
Community development*$418,787
McQuesten Urban Farm - community animator$25,000
Needs assessment on LGBTQ community*$2,500
Neighbourhood hub support from Building Momentum event*$20,000
Small grants program*$13,785
Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (Canada)
Supporting grant$22,000
St. James Anglican Church
Syrian refugee sponsorship$15,000
St. Jerome's University
Supporting grant$3,000
St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation
Enhancement of family services at West 5th campus$15,000
Supporting grant$21,000
Youth Wellness Centre - empowerment fund$5,000
St. Joseph's Home Care
Supporting grant$22,995
St. Joseph's Villa Foundation
Construction renovations to wing$5,000
Enhancing the Care$6,000
Supporting grant$27,500
St. Matthew's House
Community closet*$500
Nutritious food for families$5,000
Christmas program$2,000
Supporting grant$12,000
St. Patrick's Parish
Supporting grant$42,000
St. Raphael's Parish Church
Accessibility project$5,000
Supporting grant$1,000
Running and Reading Club$20,000
Student Open Circles
Community volunteer action$10,000
The Synod of the Diocese of Niagara
Syrian refugee support$1,200
Tastebuds/Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC)
Support for school nourishment programs*$65,000
The Stop Community Food Centre
Supporting grant$26,000
Theatre Aquarius
Building relationships with youth and students$3,000
Supporting grant$30,900
Youth accessibility outreach program*$10,000
Threshold School of Building
Job developer$25,200
Supporting grant$10,000
Get Ready*$96,690
OASIS program$10,000
Supporting grant$20,000
Tides Canada Foundation
The Wellbeing Fund$25,000
Town of Collingwood
Collingwood Labyrinth Project$20,000
Reconstruction of the Harborview Boardwalk$100,000
Trent University
L.E.D. walkway and park lighting$45,660
The Tyndale Foundation
Supporting grant$2,192
United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
Supporting grant$33,605
United Way of Oakville
Supporting grant$10,000
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation
Supporting grant$9,000
University of St. Michael's College
Supporting grant$5,000
University of Toronto
Supporting grant$1,000
Urquhart Butterfly Garden/Conserver Society of Hamilton & District, Inc.
Summer educational program*$2,800
Welcome Inn Community Centre of Hamilton
Christmas outreach$1,750
The North End Method*$5,000
The power of good food$15,300
Wellwood Resource Centre of Hamilton
Kids in the Kitchen/Power-up$5,000
Projects/initiatives pertaining to ovarian cancer*$5,397
Strategic initiatives for young people living with cancer/serious illness in the family$3,000
Wesley Urban Ministries
Christmas giving$2,000
Fuel Zone*$5,700
Middle Eastern refugee support$6,000
Middle school program*$110,000
Supporting grant$16,404
Syrian refugee support$18,000
Wever CORE/Rotary Club of Hamilton Sunshine Fund
Boys basketball, Syrian refugee children welcome event and Creative Vision Cares project$14,000
Community Christmas$2,500
Creative Vision Cares$500
Supporting grant$3,258
WAMM (Wever and MoMac)*$24,000
WAVE after-school program*$25,061
Wilfrid Laurier University
Laurier Brantford YMCA capital campaign$250,000
Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
deLight - Hamilton's light festival*$1,367
March break arts camp*$5,670
Pride of Place - marketing Beasley's heritage*$500
School visits program$1,000
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford
Camp Wanakita$25,075
Camp Wanakita bursary$1,000
Disadvantaged youth$5,000
Laurier Brantford YMCA capital campaign$250,000
Peace Medal Breakfast$4,000
Senior Beyond the Bell*$170,000
Summer Beyond the Bell$10,000
YWCA Hamilton
Arts initiative for women in transitional housing$2,600
Business plan for social enterprise*$2,395
Family swimming program*$4,000
Art club$2,500
Transitional housing intake coordinator$2,500
Transitional Living project*$28,938
Young women's advisory council$5,000