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Edith H. Turner Foundation Fund

The Edith H. Turner Foundation Fund was established in memory of Edith H. Turner, a lifelong Hamiltonian and only child of Sarah Jane and George A. Turner, a developer in the north east Hamilton. Edith H. Turner died in 1983.

The purpose of the Edith H. Turner Foundation Fund is to assist and provide funds in the fields of education, health, humanities and social development in Hamilton.

Priorities & Criteria

The Edith H. Turner Fund supports evidence-informed programs and services designed to support children/youth; families; and adults in Hamilton who are experiencing marginalization.  Grants are generally one-year in duration and range from $2,000 to $25,000.

The fund is specifically interested in investing in organizations achieving significant impact providing services and programming across the following program areas:

  • Stable Homes Stable Families
  • Healthy Bodies and Minds
  • Educational/learning support across the ages

The Foundation will be looking for applications which:

  • Are evidence-informed and/or present the opportunity to pilot innovative new strategies
  • Address significant needs or gaps in service for this population
  • Provide evidence of collaborative/coordinated approach to service provision

The fund does not support:

  • capital campaigns
  • grants to individuals
  • endowment requests or deficit reduction
  • team sponsorships or trips
  • political or religious activities
  • one-time events outside of the broader context of a program
  • conferences
  • research
  • activities outside of Hamilton

Application will be available June 2018

Application and report forms