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Ontario Endowment for Children & Youth in Recreation Fund

This fund supports recreation needs of low-income children, youth at risk and children with special needs.
Grants generally are in the $2,000 to $8,000 range.

Priorities & Criteria

Through this fund, the Hamilton Community Foundation intends to encourage and support projects that will:

  • Focus and dedicate specific resources to foster recreational initiatives
  • Provide recreational opportunities to those who would otherwise not have access to them
  • Promote the fact that quality recreation is an integral part of a healthy community
  • Promote the value of recreation in healthy child development
  • Increase the number of children and youth participating in healthy recreation
  • Enhance the self-development of individuals
  • Promote healthy, active living
  • Encourage youth leadership development
  • Strengthen social, mental and physical health of children and youth in Hamilton

The Fund has a particular interest in programs encouraging broad participation in healthy and safe recreation.

In addition to the values integral to all Hamilton Community Foundation work, proposals that address the following priorities are encouraged:

  • Initiatives that are inclusive and accessible
  • Initiatives that have meaningful participation of youth
  • Initiatives that develop social and physical skills, improve social, mental & physical health or that foster creativity
  • Initiatives that lead to positive experiences
  • Initiatives that encourage youth to stay in school
  • Initiatives that encourage participation from the diverse community
  • Initiatives that encourage voluntarism and that develops leadership

Effective as of 2018
Please note that applications for support for March Break/December holiday camps may be considered but not summer camps. Summer camp requests are welcome to the Spectator Summer Camp Fund. Projects that have been funded in the past through this fund are welcome to re-apply, however priority will be given to new projects.

Please note that applications for the 2019-2020 granting round will be online. The web portal will open mid-March 2020.