2 nights in the Hammer-spit and polish, then rock and roll

Talk about polar opposite evenings. Last night I wore my tux and attended the Hamilton Police Senior Officer’s Mess dinner at the armouries. Nobody does tradition and honouring public service like the coppers, and as an Honourary Chief and former Board Chair I look forward to the event every year. We should be thankful each and every day for the many members of our police service who put themselves in harms way to keep us safe and the Mess Dinner is a great time to do so.

Tonight I will be in jeans to hear my neighbour Tom Wilson together with his band Blackie and Rodeo Kings rock the house at Melrose Church on Locke St. at the finale of the amazing Live on Locke music series. The standing room only crowd will be a great testament to a bunch of amazing volunteers lead by Tom, Jim Fyshe, Beth Webel and many others who made it happen.

Only in the Hammer. This is a great town!