Where are the borders for civic engagement?

I woke up, as usual, to CBC’s Metro Morning, and an interesting discussion with David Wolfe, the RBC Chair in Public and Economic Policy at the Munk School of Global Affairs. He was talking about  civic action and civic engagement, something near and dear to our hearts at HCF. Mr. Wolfe discussed how a city’s problems are too broad and too complex to be solved by government alone, and the role of civic engagement in economic development. He acknowledged the engagement that is already taking place, but had thoughts about changes that he felt were needed.

Mr. Wolfe was primarily referring to Toronto in his remarks, but there were some clear  parallels with our own city.  Most provocatively, he talked about the need to think more broadly as an economic region, including the 416, the 905 and even the 519 area codes – similar to what Richard Florida had to say at Hamilton’s Economic Summit a few years ago.

It was great food for thought, and I wonder what thoughts you have?  Have a listen.