Let action flow from Scattered Sites

As I listened to the speakers and panelists at this week’s Affordable Housing Flagship / SPRC Scattered Sites event, I was struck by how many of the right people were in attendance: policy makers, housing advocates, funders and both private and non-profit sector housing builders and operators. Right there. In one room.

To those who are familiar with the Affordable Housing Flagship this won’t come as a surprise. The Flagship itself is a community collaborative consisting of over 20 member organizations across the full spectrum of stakeholders in our community.

Scattered Sites provided an opportunity for ideas to be shared, discussed, and debated. Verdiroc Development Corporation shared its experience building and managing social housing projects in Toronto — and beyond. Attendees also heard about an innovative approach from Winnipeg called Pocket Houses that redefine one’s concept of a boarding house and provide an intriguing model for the development of infill sites in Hamilton. For more information see:

Hamilton needs affordable housing. Scattered Sites showcased innovative ideas and approaches and the discussion highlighted how these approaches and others could be adopted to a made in Hamilton solution. Now is the time for the next step: action!

Pick a project. Bring in the right people. And let us collectively work through the challenges so that we can create new affordable housing for this community.