Making a difference in Hamilton through philanthropy

“The world has changed and so must we.”

This is the mantra of progressive community foundations throughout North America.  Deploying more of our assets to achieve our mission, forging new and unconventional partnerships to understand and tackle complex social problems, and playing more active leadership and catalyst roles within our communities are a few of the strategies that community foundations are implementing as they strive to increase their impact and maintain their relevance.

Hamilton has been receiving increased attention across the country for its revitalization as a city.  This positive trajectory has been fuelled by innovation, collaboration and strengthened self-image of what we want in our city.  This has created an ideal platform for expanding the power of philanthropy to “do good” and Hamilton Community Foundation has stepped up to the plate, playing a variety of roles including: catalyst, funder, advocate, strategist, and service providers in our combined efforts to build a strong and vibrant city.

We believe this is the right thing for us to do.  We also believe, and survey results support, that this is what donors want and expect from the charities they support.  Donors want their gifts to have impact.  While it is important to address immediate needs, donors also want to ensure that complex issues are better understood and strategies that create transformative change are implemented.  And finally, donors expect leadership.

Philanthropy is making a powerful difference in our community.  Perhaps there has never been a more critical time for this type of leadership, investment and voice.  Thank you to all the generous Hamiltonians who help make this possible.  You are making a difference.