Pittsburgh-The Promise and the Lessons

HCF management team driving home today after three whirlwind days of learning in Pittsburgh. The hilights were almost too numerous but a few deserve a reference. Dinner with my friend former Mayor Tom Murphy included a lively discussion about the audacity of the civic leadership with no money in the kitty purchasing 1500 acres of abandoned riverfront abandoned steel mills and the incredible political courage to float a billion dollar bond to build 3 stadiums and waterfront parkland. Meeting the extraordinary Bill Strickland and touring the amazing Bidwell Training academy and dreaming about Hamilton doing something similar for our most challenged kids. And last but not least meeting the founders of  the Pittsburgh Promise including Mark Roosevelt (Teddy’s great grandson) who have created a scholarship fund for every Pittsburgh public school graduate. Thanks to our great Hamilton group for coming because they believe, including our Board Chair Gary Warner, the Mohawk College group led by Rob MacIsaac, the City group under Joe-Anne Priel and Marc Ayotte from Hillfield. Lots of great lessons for Hamilton and work to do together upon our return.