The “pre-vacation” estate plan

Are you one of the many of us who crafted their first will literally hours before boarding an airplane to leave your children for the first time?  And was that, perhaps, 15 years ago and you haven’t updated it since?  You are not alone.

While the “pre-vacation” estate plan is common, it isn’t necessarily the best for the long term.

In his best-selling book Willing Wisdom, Dr. Tom Deans cites the statistic that more than 125 million US and Canadian citizens over the age of 18 have no will.  Willing Wisdom seeks to inspire people not only to pass on possessions but, even more importantly, ideals and values.  As part of developing this plan, Deans invites the reader to ask themselves the question “How would an inheritance advance your dreams for yourself, your family and your community?”  He goes further, in fact, and suggests that this question be posed to your family as well, including them in the estate planning process.

We all have an opportunity to leave a legacy that has meaning and impact.  This is not just the privilege of the wealthy.  In many cases we just haven’t taken the time or known how to think it through.  That’s where Hamilton Community Foundation can help.  We have the expertise as philanthropic advisors to help you.  Give us a call to find out more.