Proud to be Canadian and more…..

Today as I write this, it is hard to believe that my husband and I were part of the 300,000+ crowd on Parliament Hill celebrating our country’s 144th birthday. We were part of that sea of diversity, all wearing red and white, each of us waving Canadian flags.

One of the highlights of that afternoon celebration was hearing our Governor General David Johnston’s address. He said, “I want all of you to look at your neighbourhoods, your communities and this country, and ask yourselves what you want Canada to look like”. He went on to invite all Canadians to share his vision of “a Canada where families and children are supported and given the chance to thrive; where learning and innovation are strengthened to provide for a prosperous tomorrow; where volunteerism and philanthropy are encouraged as part of our daily routine.”

I have to say that my own personal pride swelled knowing that my city, my Hamilton, has embraced working towards making our city the best place to raise a child.

It swelled even more knowing that since 2004 Hamilton Community Foundation has been working towards reducing our city’s unacceptable poverty rates using a neighbourhood-based approach. Yes, we have much to be proud of.

I encourage you to read His Excellency David Johnson`s full address. I hope you too accept his invitation.

And, by the way, we did get a great photo of Will & Kate!