Staff member’s reflections following our AGM

It’s not my usual practice to blog. However, following our June 21st AGM, I am choosing today to step out of my own personal “comfort zone” to do so.

There was an amazing spirit and sense of warmth around the table and once again I find myself counting my blessings to be part of the HCF family.

While all the expressions of thanks were more than well deserved, there was one acknowledgement, in particular, that truly resonated with me. It was Dr. Lindsey George’s thank you to our tiny but mighty force here at HCF…. Sharon Charters!

On June 13th I celebrated my 10th anniversary with HCF.  During these ten years I have had the extreme good fortune and pleasure to work directly with Sharon.  Not only is she one of the most loyal colleagues I have ever known, she is truly a gem in Hamilton’s crown.  There isn’t a program in Hamilton that Sharon isn’t aware of, a co-ordinator that she hasn’t met, or a participant that she hasn’t helped or encouraged.

So, Sharon, 10 years later I cannot tell you what an important person you have been in my life, both professionally and personally.

Hamilton is lucky to have you…and so are we!!!