Two Hamilton assets from the outsider perspective

Last week HCF had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah Frost, a recipient of a Travelling Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Sarah’s award is allowing her to travel to Canada, the USA and South Africa to explore community engagement approaches to improving well-being and increasing social capital. In her blog Sarah recounts some of the highlights from her time in Hamilton, most notably, her afternoon with David Derbyshire. Sarah’s blog can be found here:

Last night, as I had a few minutes alone with my iPad (once my partner, Sarah, and the kids had fallen alseep…) I reviewed articles gathered for me on one of my favourite apps called “Zite” which, essentially, a magazine for which you set your own preferences and interests! It’s awesome: Anyway, last night’s selection included this gem from Edmonton:

Nice to see some outside light shining on two of our best!