Welcome To Friendly Manitoba-Return of The Jets

So I arrived in Winnipeg last night and as chance would have it the Jets were playing their first NHL game since the tragic departure in 1996. As a sports junkie I figured I had to take a shot even though the game was sold out and I had no ticket. I arrived at the start of the second period and the ticket wicket was closed and scalpers had gone home. Standing pathetically at the front gate I explained my situation to a kind ticket taker. Taking pity on me she got me a free ticket in Row#6 from a “friendly Manitoban”. I  then had a guy sitting next to me who was intrigued by my story buy me a beer and a hotdog. The last two periods produce a raucous 6-1 win for the Jets and the crowd sounded like they had just won a Stanley Cup. What a great city! Hope to do the same thing soon in the Hammer….