Barbara & Mark Nimigan Fund

Five years ago, Mark Nimigan was nominated to serve on the Hamilton Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. Mr. Nimigan, an official examiner who provides verbatim court reporting services to the legal profession, says that although his knowledge of the Foundation’s role was vague at the time, he was persuaded to join because he’s passionate about Hamilton. “I was born and grew up here. This city has given me an opportunity work and for my wife and I to raise three fine children. I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to give back to my community. Serving on the Grants Committee has been a real education. I’ve met terrific volunteers, learned about wonderful organizations which are trying to improve the community and I have seen what the Foundation can do to empower them.”

With his term on the Board nearing completion, Mr. Nimigan and his wife Barbara decided that they would like to continue their involvement by establishing a fund to benefit youth and the environment. “You don’t have to give a lot,” he says. “It’s about giving what you can.” “It’s a natural extension of my volunteer work with young people from the city’s north end,” Mark adds. “I wanted my relationship with the Foundation to have a financial implication. I’m a great believer in the work that they do and I trust their judgment”.

Through their fund, the Nimigans can ensure that their commitment to addressing youth and environmental issues continues. “It’s a way to have a positive influence long after we’re gone.

Excerpt from 1999-2000 Annual Report