Chedoke Health Foundation Fund

Few institutions have played a more central role in Hamilton’s life than Chedoke Hospitals  – in all its incarnations, beginning with its creation in 1906 to fight tuberculosis.  Chedoke2The Cross of Lorraine on Chedoke’s original west Mountain brow site remains a city landmark of a facility that was the largest of its kind in the British Empire.

The newly-created Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals took over hospital operations in the 1970s while, Chedoke Hospitals, later renamed Chedoke Health Foundation (CHF), retained the land and buildings.  Since then the sale and transfers of land have provided health-related grants worth more than $72 million. This year, CHF’s board will donate its remaining assets to Hamilton Community Foundation, perpetuating and preserving Chedoke’s historic legacy. The new fund will provide health care bursaries for students who may not otherwise seek post-secondary education, and projects that support health and wellbeing in Hamilton.

Excerpt from 2015 Annual Report