Clark Family Foundation Fund


Hugh and Alan Clark

The Clark brothers, Hugh and Alan, share a strong conviction that their personal good fortune is to be shared with the community in which their family business flourished. To that end, they formed Willahome, a Foundation established 21 years ago with proceeds from the sale of Adam Clark Company Limited – an industrial construction company originally established as a plumbing and heating firm by their great-grandfather in 1874.

Over the years, numerous organizations have received support from Willahome – the name represents the initials of their family members. The Foundation, which started with $100,000 in capital, has grown to a fund worth nearly $1 million.

As the fund and grant requests increased, the brothers found the administration of their Foundation increasingly time-consuming. They decided to turn its management over to the Hamilton Community Foundation. “For several reasons, it was natural to merge with the Community Foundation,” said Alan, explaining, “We trust the Foundation. Hugh has been on its Board, our friends have been involved with it, and we have an aunt who gave money in the past.” Hugh and Alan will continue their relationship with the community through the Hamilton Community Foundation by their advice on the grants made from the renamed Clark Family Fund. “Alan and I have like minds,” explains Hugh. “We share a concern for the social service field, young people, education and the arts. We have always leaned toward organizations or causes that have difficulty in raising funds.” Alan notes that the government can’t support all health and social programs. “The public must step up and take a swing at supporting them. Everyone has a role and responsibility in creating a strong community.”

Excerpt from 1999-2000 Annual Report