Eva Rothwell Resource Centre Fund

A thriving community hub is strengthened, thanks to an anonymous HCF donor.  This generous donor has established an endowment fund aimed at supporting ongoing operations at the Eva Rothwell Centre.

Eva Rothwell Centre

A great day, as Terry Cooke, left, delivers the surprise news to Don MacVicar

A community-driven labour of love in the Keith neighbourhood, the Eva Rothwell Centre was born a decade ago when a group of local residents led by Don and Carole MacVicar turned the decommissioned Robert Land School into a multi-service community centre.

There is no shortage of volunteers, eager service providers, imaginative programming for all ages, local leadership and creative use of space; the challenge is operational funding to keep the old building heated, clean and in good repair.

The fund’s founding donor hopes the gift will encourage more contributions.  So does Don MacVicar. “This gift has given so much to so many to provide hope for a better tomorrow.  We are certain it may also inspire others to grow this endowment towards the Eva Rothwell Centre’s secure future.  We are doubly blessed.”

Excerpt from Legacy newsletter, Fall 2014