Feathered friends

Rodent chow might not be on everyone’s wish list, but it is at the top of the Owl Foundation’s needs. Pine shavings are a close second.

For over 40 years, the Owl Foundation has worked with Humane Societies, vets, SPCAs and fellow rehab organizations to care for orphaned and injured owls (and other birds of prey as needed). Their goal is to nurse them back to health and reintroduce these magnificent birds into the wild. Owls that cannot be reintroduced into the wild are considered for placement in foster parent or breeding programs.

Food and bedding are necessities for the Owl Foundation. The supplies support the 1200 or so mice and rats that are used to feed the injured owls. Support for these feathered friends comes from the McCallum, McBride and Malloch Foundation Funds.


Excerpt from Legacy winter 2019 newsletter