Jack McNie

Jack McNie and his son Scott McNie

Jack McNie and his son Scott McNie

 By the time he passed away last year, Jack McNie had enjoyed the great pleasure of having already donated much of what he’d earned in his career to grassroots community projects, in Hamilton and around the world.  He also left a bequest to Hamilton Community Foundation.  Throughout his career, Jack gave not only financially, but in time and caring.

After graduating from art school, Jack worked in advertising, rising to the position of president at the former RT Kelley advertising agency in Hamilton.

Along with his wife Mary, he co-founded an insurance company for non-drinkers and established one of the first co-operative daycare centres in Canada.  As a young couple with a large family, they still found time to organize outings for local foster children and to be involved in other youth initiatives.

Following the early death of Mary, Jack was blessed yet again by the support and shared common interests of his second wife, Bernice.  With her support, he traveled the world – taking a direct interest in promoting adult literacy in South Africa, the Philippines and Nicaragua.

As MPP for Hamilton West in the early 1970’s, and Minister of Colleges and Universities in the Bill Davis government, Jack also began the process of reclaiming Hamilton’s lakeshore for the public, and played a key role in bringing both Hamilton Place and the Convention Centre to Hamilton.

“He was a tremendous example as a father and businessman, with a strong sense of community awareness,” says John, one of the five McNie offspring, along with Fran, Heather, Scott and Mary.  “We are so pleased that our dad’s memory is being kept alive through his legacy gift to Hamilton Community Foundation.”

Excerpt from 2006-2007 Annual Report