James Sinclair Wilson

After 51 years behind the wheel, cab owner and driver James Sinclair Wilson had earned the affectionate title, “King of the Cabbies” bestowed by his peers in the industry. A regular in front of the then Royal Connaught Hotel, Mr. Wilson’ s Royal Taxi frequently chauffeured such athletes as Gordie Howe and Eric Lindros, singers Tony Bennett and The Four Seasons, as well as hundreds of Hamiltonians. The self made, self-educated driver had the gift of the gab and talked with ease to all of them. Daughter Lori Tomasik remembers the fierce pride he took in his cars. “He had the first air-conditioned cab in the city and the first one with a television set.” His keen interest in the community and world events made cover-to-cover reading of the newspaper a daily ritual. His bequest to the Foundation and the residue of his estate upon the death of his heirs, is consistent with the fact that he was a very giving man, confirms Ms. Tomasik.

Excerpt from 1995-1996 Annual Report