Mabel Beatrice Studd Fund

Music, books and protecting the environment topped the list of Mable Studd’s passions. She volunteered to be treasurer for the Bach Elgar Choir where she met William Malcolm who became her personal lawyer. “Mabel contributed to several organizations, she was a very shrewd investor, and she had a good sense of humour,” Mr. Malcolm recalled of the former secretary of the Union Drawn Steel and John Deere. Mabs, as she was known to family and friends, lived to be 82, in recent years in an apartment at First Place.

Staff in both the Royal Botanical Gardens and Hamilton Community Foundation offices remember Miss Studd as an attentive, loyal and generous donor who shunned public recognition for her contributions.

After her death in September 1997, the Foundation was notified of a bequest to be divided between the Community Fund (for general charitable purposes) and the Ray Lowes Environmental Fund (for the preservation and protection of the environment.)

Excerpt from 1997-1998 Annual Report