McGregor Clinic Fund

On September 1, 1922, Doctors J.K. McGregor and F. B. Mowbray who had been practicing surgeons, joined together with four other doctors to form the McGregor-Mowby Clinic at 250 Main Street East in Hamilton.

Dr. Mowbray died in 1931 and the Clinic became the McGregor Clinic. The primary motivation was to have a number of doctors working together with laboratory and radiology facilities and to better serve the patients in various fields of medicine.

In 1946, Dr. McGregor died and the staff doctors bought the Clinic from his Estate and established a group practice with an elected Board of Governors. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation, called the McGregor Clinic. Two members of the Board were non-medical community representative and a number of senior executives from industry and the University helped guide the policies of the Clinic.

Many members of the Clinic staff became leaders in various medical fields – in hospital, community and national associations.

The McGregor Clinic was a referral resource for this part of Ontario for many years. Its role however, gradually diminished with the changing medical scene and the arrival of the medical faculty at McMaster in which most of the staff participated.
On January 31, 1981, the Clinic closed and surrendered its Charter. The residual funds were donated to the Foundation to establish a Fund to assist research and education in the health sciences, including medicine, dentistry and nursing.

The McGregor Clinic gift of some $115,000 a number of years ago generated the idea for an expanded pool of resources for community health. When the Clinic closed in 1981, its members donated the proceeds from the sale of their building to the Foundation to establish a fund to seed health care research and education projects with potential to improve quality of life in the community.

This Fund forms part of the Community Health Education and Research Fund.