Planning is everything

Longtime Hamilton residents Irene and David Buckley have started a named fund — the Buckley Family Foundation — within the Community Fund at HCF.

Irene first learned about Hamilton Community Foundation through her volunteer and paid work with Big Sisters. David’s 35 years as a Rotarian also brought him into contact with the Foundation’s leaders. Since retiring from a successful business career in 1991, he and Irene have enjoyed travel, walking and tennis. Their three children have also had very productive careers and have reached retirement age.

“We were able to help them early in their lives, when they needed it,” says Irene, “and we have a comfortable life ourselves today.” Now entering their 90s, the Buckleys felt the time was right to endow a fund at HCF and have also made provisions for the Foundation in their wills.

David explains that good advice from a financial planner early on, along with careful management over the years by both of them, has left the couple with unexpected opportunities to support their philanthropic interests, which include children, music and medicine. “It makes sense now to gift more than we have been giving over the years to the causes we care about,” he says. Making a gift to HCF of long-held shares reduces the capital gains tax they would otherwise face, and contributing to the Community Fund enables them to help key local organizations.

They are confident that Hamilton Community Foundation provides support to organizations that are well vetted. “We have really good things in Hamilton, world-class programs,” says David. “They don’t get enough credit.” HCF’s Community Fund, including the Buckley Family Foundation, will help sustain those initiatives.