Positive Connections

Next summer, local SoBi bikeshare hubs will be transformed by art, and in the process, increase the artists’ connection to community.

The artists will be participants in Proof Positive, a collaboration between Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts and the Regional Rehabilitation Centre that teams up 30 people who are undergoing physical and mental rehabilitation with two local experts. The participants will learn the fundamentals of printmaking, drawing, painting and photography while producing their own work on the theme of transformation. The program will be hosted at Centre[3]’s James North studio and the rehabilitation centre at the Hamilton General Hospital.

Access to collaborative, creative opportunities for self-expression is important for people whose disabilities may prevent them from going outside the rehabilitation centre and thus may isolate them from their community. Participants in the project, which is funded by an HCF Creative Arts grant, will use art to connect and share with the larger community, breaking down barriers to inclusion and sparking conversations at SoBi stations across the city.


Excerpt from 2017 Fall Legacy newsletter