Samuel & Dora McFarlane Fund

Audrey Kershaw

Audrey Kershaw

“I love to see things grow and bloom,” said Audrey Kershaw. The Flamborough resident is referring to her garden, but the sentiment can be equally applied to her philosophy on charitable giving. When she retired from the Board of Education, Mrs. Kershaw began reviewing her charitable giving. Confronted with so many choices and worthy causes, Mrs. Kershaw looked to the Community Foundation for a solution.

After discussions with Foundation staff about her own personal charitable goals, Mrs. Kershaw set up the Samuel and Dora McFarlane Fund, to honour the memory of her parents. This allows Mrs. Kershaw to make contributions on a regular basis. Occasionally, she makes an additional in memoriam donation when someone dies. “It has given me great peace of mind knowing I’m helping more people this way. I’ve watched the fund grow and eventually, I would like to specify that it be directed to the needs of students.”

“It gives me great satisfaction”, she adds, “to read the annual report and see who benefits or to attend a theatre performance and realize it was made possible thorough a Foundation grant. I think the Foundation attracts good, decent people who emit a feeling of good will.”

Excerpt from 1998-1999 Annual Report