Taking impact to the next level

Jim Ray wishes he had found Hamilton Community Foundation sooner. After years of giving to causes they believe in, Jim and his wife Annette established a donor-advised fund at HCF. They now feel they can achieve even more with their resources.

Their fund at HCF offers them “huge flexibility and simplicity,” says Jim. The couple also appreciates the Foundation’s expertise identifying community needs. As they continue to support long-standing interests including the French parish, youth opportunities and the arts, Annette says HCF offers them “research and analysis and a perspective on community needs that we wouldn’t have on our own.” The Foundation has already matched them with new opportunities for impact, including exciting work with Indigenous communities.

HCF’s tax and financial expertise (“the mechanics”, as Jim calls it) is also a bonus. For example, donating stocks can provide tax advantages, increasing the value of the gift. “It’s real magic, but a bit complicated,” Jim says. “It’s not fair to expect the volunteer treasurer of a charitable organization to know the ins and outs of that. But the Foundation does, and by donating those shares to them, we can maximize our support to the organizations we want to help.”

The Dufresne-Ray Family Fund is an endowed fund, which means it will make a difference in perpetuity.

“Perpetuity is a long time,” says Jim with a smile. “The organizations we support right now may not be around decades in the future.” Their fund, however, is designed to continue to support the interests and priorities that Jim and Annette care so much about now — and eventually with added input from their children and grandkids.

“Our intentions will continue to be met over time,” says Annette. “That gives us comfort. And all the staff at the Foundation have been compassionate and meticulous. They’ve been a pleasure to deal with.”

 “The Foundation offers a perspective on community needs that we wouldn’t have on our own.” – Annette Ray