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Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS) is a partnership between the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF). It was launched in 2011 to respond to the social, economic and health concerns of specific neighbourhoods in the City. The NAS supports residents in 11 neighbourhoods as they work toward building healthier communities. These neighbourhoods are: Beasley, Crown Point, Davis Creek, Gibson/Lansdale (GALA), Jamesville, Keith, McQuesten, Riverdale, Rolston, Sherman and Stinson.

The NAS sees the needs of diverse communities, including: newcomers to Canada, immigrants, diverse spiritual identities, the LGBTQ community, all age groups, as well as the many unique physical, emotional and developmental identities. We are committed to cultivating relationships among people; we support growth and connections within and across communities and neighbourhoods.

For more information about the NAS, please visit:

Changes to the Small Grants Program

Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF) is entering the next phase of its commitment to increasing the health and prosperity of neighbourhoods. In April 2019, HCF anticipates it will roll out a new community-based small grants strategy that will reach more broadly and deeply into vulnerable communities to support projects that address health inequity.

Neighbourhoods who are part of the Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS) have access to their existing small grants funds until March 31, 2019. HCF is requesting a plan that outlines how each neighbourhood will spend its remaining small grants balance for the period of January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. For ease of access to small grants, HCF has simplified the small grants application process and created the form below. Please use this as a template to complete your small grants plan instead of a full grant application. This means that grant applicants looking for funding for projects between January, 1 2019 and March 31, 2019 do not need to fill out a full application. HCF will need this plan by December 15, 2018.

Small Grants Plan Template

If you have any questions, please contact or call 905-523-5600 ext 283

NAS Small Grants Program

The Small Grants Program provides funds for projects and events that residents would like to work on to engage their neighbours, learn new skills, improve neighbourhood spaces… and other ideas you might have to make your neighbourhood healthier for those who need it most! Each neighbourhood can access up to $5000 per year for initiatives residents would like to work on.

  • Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of successful projects:
    Examples of Small Grants
  • To learn more about the Small Grants Program, such as the process of applying and eligible expenses, please see below:
    Application Guidelines
  • To apply, please complete the Application Form. You can type in your responses in the document below, or if you would like to write your responses on paper, visit the HCF office or contact a Community Developer for a hard copy of the application.
    Application Form
  • We know it can be challenging to fill out the application! We’ve prepared some helpful tips below:
    Application Guide – Helpful Tips
  • To help you approach registered charities to be your fiscal sponsor, feel free to use this Frequently Asked Questions document:
    Frequently Asked Questions for Fiscal Sponsors
  • Need help formalizing the partnership with your fiscal sponsor? No problem! A template Letter of Agreement is here:
    Fiscal Sponsor Letter of Agreement – Template
  • Is your application ready? The Community Developer will work with three residents to review your application using this Scoring Tool:
    Review Committee Scoring Tool
  • Finished your project? Hope you learned a lot! Please fill out this Final Report approximately one-month after completing your project.
    Final Report
  • Want all the documents above in one place? Here is the entire Small Grants Toolkit:
    Small Grants Toolkit

We want to help you submit a successful application! Community Developers are available to help. Each neighbourhood is supported by a Community Developer, and their contact information is below:

Judy Kloosterman, Crown Point, Davis Creek & Sherman
289-652-2354 extension 1002

Sunil Angrish, Beasley, Jamesville & Stinson
289-652-2354 extension 1005

If you live in the McQuesten, Rolston, Gibson/Lansdale (GALA), Riverdale or Keith Neighbourhoods and would like some more information or assistance, please contact Lorraine Valmadrid, Acting Manager of Community Initiatives at Hamilton Community Foundation: 905.523.5600 extension 222,