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Pandemic Response Fund

COVID-19 has placed each of us, our families and our city into a situation unlike any other in recent memory. In this rapidly changing and unpredictable landscape, Hamilton Community Foundation has established the Pandemic Response Fund. The fund supports charitable organizations across the city as they respond to the impact of COVID-19. HCF is committed to listening and learning throughout the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. We will respond with granting that evolves to meet the needs of front-line organizations and those they serve, and to support gaps not covered by municipal, provincial or federal relief funding. HCF is committed to working with other funding partners and community collaborators to move resources quickly. The Pandemic Response Fund addresses both the emergency needs of Hamiltonians today, and their emerging needs over the next weeks and months. The fund includes three phases of support. 

Phase 1 – Meeting Basic Needs (Short-term)

In spring 2020, HCF provided emergency funding to 16 organizations to immediately address critical needs for vulnerable populations related to food security, shelter, hygiene, and others.

Phase 2 – Stabilization (Short- to medium-term)

This funding supported charities working on the frontlines delivering critical services to vulnerable populations affected by quarantine, closures, shortages, access to services, loss of income, or affected by other economic factors. It was designed to maintain or expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible within the context of supporting gaps not covered by municipal, provincial or federal relief funding.

A complete list of grants made in Phases 1 and 2 is provided here.

Phase 3 – Recovery & rebuilding (Medium- to long-term)

This funding will assist the community with increased costs and/or revenue loss related to pandemic recovery. Applications for this fund are now closed.

The pandemic isn’t just a health crisis. It is a social and economic one as well, revealing and exacerbating the inequities and disparities embedded within our communities. Anti-black racism, Indigenous sovereignty and Black Lives Matter intersect with the pandemic. HCF stands with Black, Indigenous and people of colour, and is committed to using our resources to work with others to dismantle systems of oppression. We aimed to focus this fund in ways that best support this important work.

Our learning from previous granting, as well as community consultations and additional research, resulted in the design of Phase Three of the Pandemic Response Fund.

Please note: As the current public health crisis continues to unfold, we strive to remain responsive to community needs. We are prepared to open the Pandemic Response Fund again, in what ever Phase is needed.