Pandemic Response Fund


March 26, 2020

COVID-19 has placed each of us, our families and our city into a situation unlike any other in recent memory. In this rapidly changing and unpredictable landscape, Hamilton Community Foundation has established the Pandemic Response Fund with an initial $2 million commitment. This fund addresses both the emergency needs of Hamiltonians today and their emerging needs over the next weeks and months in what will no doubt be a long and difficult recovery.

What we are doing now: Emergency response grants
While the COVID-19 epidemic affects all of us, its impact is most profound on Hamilton’s vulnerable populations. In response, the Foundation has made emergency grants to 16 organizations that are serving high need, vulnerable people and families including those experiencing homelessness and poverty, isolated seniors, people with disabilities and other marginalized communities. These organizations can quickly absorb and distribute resources related to basic needs such as food security, shelter and hygiene. See the list of grantees here.

Over the next period, our Grants and Community Initiatives team will be working with our community partners to monitor developments in order to direct the Foundation’s emergency response where it is needed most.

Planning for the road ahead: Granting to ongoing need
Recognizing that the impact of COVID-19 is unpredictable but is likely to be prolonged, the Pandemic Response Fund is also positioned to assist local charities in addressing the longer-term needs of our citizens and our city’s recovery. The economic fallout will have an impact on charities in every sector that we serve. We will continue to invite conversations from the front lines, learning how we can best play our role over the medium and longer term, including how we can bridge the gaps in other levels of support. Our message to the community is that we are here to help for the long term.

Thank you
Our work would be impossible without the incredible generosity of donors and the wisdom of our Boards of Directors, past and present, who have created the capacity for the Foundation to support Hamilton in good times, and most important, in the not-so-good. We are forever indebted.

Thank you to all who are working toward a safe, healthy and secure city.

Bob Savage                                              Terry Cooke
Board Chair                                               President & CEO

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