Future Intended: Neighbourhoods leading change

Photograph courtesy of Anna Davey


As a partner in Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS), HCF operates the Small Grants Program that supports local projects and events that help to build healthier neighbourhoods. These initiatives are organized by residents because the NAS believes that residents know best what their neighbourhoods need, and that residents already have the ideas, skills, networks and other assets to lead change in their neighbourhoods. Here are a few examples of recent projects throughout the city supported by small grants.

Riverdale: Family Fun Day

In July, community organizers, including a youth leader, put together Riverdale Family Fun Day – a day to bring newcomers and refugees together with fun activities like a monkey bus, a magician, face-painting and more. Kids made new friends – and so did the grown-ups! Inclusive community events like this work to increase a sense of belonging, and strengthen bonds between families.

Crown Point: Whitfield Ave. Food is Free project

From May to October a truck bed garden will, from time to time, provide free vegetables for neighbourhood residents. The garden also acts as a space for residents to gather and socialize while kids learn about gardening. Local partner Liberty Iron Trading provides the space, truck bed and other equipment for the project.

Sherman: safeTALK suicide prevention workshop

This September a workshop in the Sherman neighbourhood will provide training in mental health awareness and suicide prevention to coincide with Suicide Prevention Day. Erich’s Cupboard, operated by Neighbourhood Leadership Institute alumni, will plan and implement the safeTALK workshop and issue certificates upon completion. The hope is to train 30 participants who will serve as safeTALK responders in the neighbourhood.  The project also includes partners in Crown Point neighbourhood and HARRRP.

Jamesville: Youth Soccer League

Physical activity and sports have countless health benefits but they also provide opportunities for positive social development. With support from John Howard Society of Hamilton, the Youth Soccer League in in Jamesville creates an environment where kids can stay fit and socialize with one another. A small grant supports the league with jerseys, equipment and the opportunity to compete in a Toronto youth league.

Stinson: Songs from the Bishop

Inclusiveness is at the centre of this project in Stinson neighbourhood. Every Thursday in July, free performances featuring local musicians took place in Bishop’s Park. Designed in part to draw people into the park, the performances welcomed everyone, with a special focus on inviting members from St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton who also sponsored the project.

Future Intended is an ongoing series that spotlights some of our most recent granting in categories like music, visual art, literacy, the environment and more.